Monday, 7 February 2005

بلا عنوان

و اخيرا بعد ان تعدى عمره الأسبوع بيوم اصبح له اسم :} "عمر" هو اسم الملاك الجديد

حالة خمول غير عادية تنتابني! خمول فكري بالمرتبة الأولى .. اعتقد حان وقت التغيير و اتخاذ قرارات جذرية! لكن ليس قبل عطلتي التي تبلغ من العمر 5 ايام وزيادة :) اتمتع بالزيادة لاني اعيش بهذه البلد .. احب الكويت

اتصال حمل لي مقابلة بجامعة الكويت بكيفان بالتحديد .. فرصه وظيفيه جديده.. اعلق الكثير من الامال و الرغبات بالقطاع النفطي ولكن من سبيل عدم لوم الذات و بذل المستطاع للبحث عن مستقبل وظيفي افضل زينت كل مكان باوراقي لعل و عسى !

هوس جديد بقناة جديدة تزيد من معرفتي باحد هواياتي .. الطبخ

منذ الثامنة و خمسة و ثلاثون (حيل كبير الرقم) حتى الآن العاشرة وإثنان و خمسون دقيقة ! طبعت الاسطر اعلاه فقط

Good Night :}


Purgatory said...

I still cannot get used to reading arabic on ur blog, not the same person :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


try to get used to it :} the arabic posts might increase!

G0LDiLiCiOuS-Ψ said...

ya 2lb 2lby... ya36eech 60,000,000 eLaa alf 3afyah..:* I'm sorry I was away, I missed many topics around here:D.. 1st topic was about your sleepy head my comment on that topic: "ya36eech el3afyah Oo noom el3awafy".. the 2nd topic was about Tutti Fruitty:
":| Girl I still eat it " :$<< e7m e7m..hehehehe
the third and the last one: " mabrook again 3al new baby boy:* Oo 3asach 3al gowah enshallah "
Oo purg @@!! If you wanna know that *Q8ChillGirl* Exahusted Or clueless.. she writes her topic in arabic..:Pp~~
Enjoy your hobby, the best thing ever when you are at home..:*
Take care of your self


Q80-Chill Girl said...


7yach dear & WB here :*

its ok ur never late hun & its nice to know ur catiching up with me ;p ,, thanx on teh sleep thing :D I will be sleeping more this weekend i think since i am giving a lot during weekdays..

That candy is great :D still love it & buy it ;p

"If you wanna know that *Q8ChillGirl* Exahusted Or clueless.. she writes her topic in arabic"

LoooooooooooooooooooooooooooL good observation but am affraid this time you cheated @!@ I gave you a clear clue that am clueless when i said "8-10 i only wrote this" BUT still I like it & like you even more LOL good observation, somehow I do find writing in arabic as an escape or like a good way to express me at certain times .. AGAIN i did laugh so much on ur conclusion dear & admire ur mentality :D

A white (tulip)4 you

Q80-Chill Girl said...

LOL am still laughing

I noticed what you said in me after you said it LOL !! 3jeba golden

mydream said...

allah eykhalih lokom :) a7eb esma waid

oo allah ewafgech inshallah good luck :**

Q80-Chill Girl said...

My dear :}

I love it too its the name of my late grandfather allah yer7umah ... & thanx a lot for your kind wishes dear :*

G0LDiLiCiOuS-Ψ said...

Hehehehehehehehehe.. Merci :D well I'm dropping around here for months.. and It's really great to get to know nice people.. :) thank you for the white tulip..:D sweet Q80-CG..:*

Oo one more thing.. La tzedeen your arabic posts.. zeday el english.. which means don't get constantly stressed..:D


Q80-Chill Girl said...


Thank you dear for the nice words you put up there :* am truelly honored & appreciate it

LOL well I will try to not make arabic posts associated with my emotional state ;p that i can promis

الزين said...

صباح الخير

من هالبوست اكتشفت ان بينا شغلات مشتركه وايد


فقدتج امس

Q80-ChillGirl said...


من وييين طحتي على هالبوووست الداثر لوول ،، ما تفقدين غالي بس هاليومين انا عفيسه بالدوام و خارجه

i know for a fact we have A LOT in common :D which is why we go along smoothly, even if we cut off for a while :p