Wednesday, 9 February 2005

The weekend is here !!

HeLLo there blog'n blog readers :D

yesterday & today were soooooo busy @ work & home as well, tomorrow morning we are expecting my ant (mother's sister) to come from Saudi it will be very nice am sure since I miss her so much :>

Monday morning I got a call from KU telling me I have an interview on tuesday, all in all I think it went pretty well :} except they didnt get my C.V from the HRD in Khaldeya so am going there again this sunday to give them my C.V. I know your gona say didn't she mention KNPC :D I did & am really hopping I can get there, but that didn't stop me from spreading my papers all around Kuwait you know as a precautionary thing JUST in CASE I don't get into the KNPC there is KU & there might be also a bank on the list STILL not sure.

At work there are some fights over me! LOL, yeah am having attention but not appreciation yet :) .. Some one is asking to get me transfered into her department while my senior manager is refusing, personally I don't care much this department or that one since all the work is the same! mainlly clerical & dead beauerocratic, typical ministry work basically so it wont make much of a differance :}

Oh one more thing ,, the sky today was AMAZING if you didn't look up to the sky & saw it then you missed a LOT


G0LDiLiCiOuS-Ψ said...

garat 3ainech sweet girl.. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY 3al interview... CONGRATS in ADVANCE...:****
well..I went out with my sister this afternoon, and the sky was amazingly amazing..:D ashwah didn't miss that view..:D
Have a great weekend..:D and enjoy your time with your ant...;)


Q80-Chill Girl said...

HeLLLLLLLLOw golden Gurl :D ebwayh nbeych ya rb

hmm if u went by applebees in the afternoon i could have seen you ;p .. Oo lets see where will I end up in :D inshallah 5eir

Purgatory said...

Good luck :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Thanx purg :}

G0LDiLiCiOuS-Ψ said...

:*( 7asafah :/ Law gaylat ley earlier.. Chan gedart an7ash men yam3atna... 2day zwarat ahaly 3indinah.. It's a weekly lunch (every thursday).. Oo mom sawat ley long story.. allah yab3edech 3an hal long stories.. It's about my strawberry cheese cake:S<< e7m my ya3ny me msawyat-ha.. hehehe long story bas 3shan el final touch 3alaiha.. LOL..gomay..basech noom@@!(omy)..>>:/ oO me like enshallah yomah el7een agoom Oo me ma sar ley few hours men nemt...:| LOL any way... I hope you enjoyed hanging out... ;) take care of your self.. Oo tedafay el jaw bared... :*


Q80-Chill Girl said...

Hla dear :}

la ana 6l3t wednesday coz thursday is a family day + 5alti w9lt from saudi so we had a looooooooot of ppl over today, believe me i KNOW what u mean with those LONG LOOONG stories LOL u can live & die & then relive & ur mom is still raving about something that u kinda forget what it is mn kethr ma el lecture is damn long & turns pointless or her venting baisically ;p

Hope u had a nice time today in the gathering :*