Monday, 21 February 2005

When I was a Kid

I used to think they called the ministry of Education the women's ministry because of the growing number of Kuwaiti female teachers till I discovered that also in the main buildingS of the ministry there are a huge number of women! If I would put a ratio it would be like 6 females for each male !! The thing that surprised me that all the women that I meet yesterday while going round & round from one office to the other is that they all were nice :D they smiled back & two of them actually gave me their office phone numbers to about my papers & not come unless they are there :}

I used to think that ALL MEN know how to deal with gov. Paper work, they know what papers to get & to be signed by whom; I even got to the point of thinking that they know this by default a known thing that is planted in the MALE brain! I guess its because women around me never spoke about these things & never actually had to go through them! But now that am all grown up & at the time tracing some paper work for me I actually know that you "تتبهذل" till you know the right way to get your work done :}

I used to think that all kids should go to school waking up! So even if I happened to be lacking of sleep I should tape my eyes up so that I do not fall asleep in the car (on the way to school) nor in classes ;p.. Last Wednesday on the way to work I saw a cute girl looking at me while facing their cars back window I smiled in her face & then !! She fell asleep! Just vanished in the car LOL .. Poor kid she should sleep earlier.


Jelly Belly said...

7abebty wallah inshallah bas khal9aty your paper works? I know it could be a hassle bel dad always made us do our own paper work for whatever we have to do...he hates it itha etkalna 3aleeh or 3ala my I kind of know what it feels like..oh it has been a while since I checked your bas whatever happened about your job interviews? I hope you'll get what you want babe :*

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Hiiiiiiiiii dear JB :*

Am glad you get it since am still new to it & every one is giving me a hard time making me feel "that i didnt do enough" in the time that am still fresh new in it & when they read the whole book they stop judging me from my cover! & know i did my best & then go like " oh well its gov. work it takes time"... m3thora 7bebty its ok every one has his throof :} but for a quick update I am accepted at KU-Faculty of art student affairs (in kifan) & the paper work is now being done to transfer me from the ministry to the university ,, in the same time am wating for KNPC to call & tell me if i was accepted or not! still not sure on that, but the univ. is much more better place than where I am now! thats why am working on it just incase KNPC don't accpet me :}

thanx for ur wishes dear :* truely appreciate it

Flamingoliya said...

hope you find a car park in keifan!! :/
you're in ministry of education?

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Flamingoliya :}

Yes I work there, & the Kifan parking thing aint much of a problem if ur there before 8 am :D which is a thing u must do if ur an employee there ;}