Monday, 28 March 2005

No fear of Brakes

What mostly irritates me in the mornings is the nasty brakes people take in front of me, the concept of slowing down & having a bigger space between your car & the one in front of it is not applied at all here in Kuwait. Therefore you might see a guy or a woman hitting the brakes so hard that you feel that they went into the back seat of the car in front of them then got back to their cars :} .. Motto "S-l-o-w down people, make S-p-a-c-e people" .. btw the janitor at my new work place is called Motto too ;p

This morning also a car went by with a sticker saying " No fear When (a person's name I assume, which I totally forgot) is here" & I noticed that this car licked (an expression to reflect the 7eee2 sound a tire makes when it touches the pavement) all of the pavements that it went by. Personally I think he should re-consider that sticker because I would definitely will be afraid if I was in the company in a driver with such skills.

Driving in Kuwait is a heroic act I thank my God every day I come home safe :} Drive safely people.


غسان said...

Women, Indians and Egyptions should not be allowed to drive in Kuwait.

غسان said...

Just teasing women!

sojourning crow said...

imagine if it snowed...

Q80-Chill Girl said...


well am sorry to my self & all women but I do agree with you :} that doesnt mean we ALL dont drive well but have to admit we have a majority :S & the rest I totally agree with you too add to them the OLD guys :D, they are pretty tricky u know! if you make a mistake then ur that stupid YOUNG person if they do then he/she is like ur fathers grandfather & so on !! you can't beat them! be aware of the old power

Q80-Chill Girl said...

sojourning crow

YESSSS i know what ur saying I mean don't try driving here in the rain!! I mean in a wet street you at least slow dwn & have the possibility of slidding in mind, but here they dont think of that EVEN when the weather is bad... Sometimes I used to wish for those ppl who you see slam the brakes & get into other cars back seats to do that again in SNOW or RAIN :D

Anti_Reason said...

Ohhh, traffic and driving in Q8 = The biggest source for stress and high blood pressure.

For years I’ve been arguing the benefits of car-pooling. Nope, people wish to drive their own cars everyday.

How I enjoy commuting to my current post. At around 6:45 I walk – or take a local bus – to an allocated pick up point. Around 7:00, the labs bus picks me up for the 80-minute drive to our workplace. During that time, I pick up on my readings, listen to my iPod, converse with others, or simply take a nap! In the evening - same routine in reverse.

No stress whatsoever, and my time is used creatively.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Waaay ya b5tk truelly I do think ur lucky :} even if you had that much time in ur hands going to & from work is very useful especially for the reading issue l2na its a crisist for me ;p

Oo I really think the car pool can solve some of the problems but our streets network should be re-newed & expand more to fulfil the increasing number of cars in it... I wish it was that simple here just a bus & thats it!

Anti_Reason said...

I forgot to mention that a monthly public transportation ticket sets me back 45 Euros a month – to travel freely around Vienna.

Some of my colleagues here who own cars use them only once a week. One of the fellows – my mentor, actually – used to own an old Volvo. Two years ago his wife started nagging him about how much time he spends maintaining his car, almost every week an entire Saturday and/or Sunday would be wasted on his hobby. Now he drives a BMW – but again mostly on weekends. He’ll probably be driving the same car in 2025.

We lack almost everything in Kuwait – least of which is a decent public transportation system. Why? A quick answer would be that our country functions on day-to-day bases without any long-term vision. Over here, some of the public transportation vehicles I ride date back to the 1950s – and they are far from junk. Have you been on a public bus in Kuwait? Most likely the answer would be no. But even from the outside our buses resemble something out of a movie.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Yeah ur right we lack of every thing & yeah ur right the answer is no too ;p

also the Vision thing is missing I totally agree to that & ppl here go with "a9rf ma fe aljaib y2teik mafe al'3aib" as nibaq noticed! in his latest post

Mad Max omg hal movie 6la3 mn my nose my oldest brother loves it & its 3 parts (i think 3) but truelly it is a good one