Sunday, 20 March 2005

Secrets to success

The post title is the title of a course that I take daily for the period of five days ending this Wednesday, I learned a looot of useful things there not only how to be successful in my work but also in real life :}...

will list the highlights of Saturday & Sunday:

*Narcissism, the origin of the roman story
*The Italian-American Love Dr. With the saying that a day without a new piece of information is not counted in his life.
*Creativity is easy & fun
*SMILE at all times
*Be free
*Draw a natural scene with your own view
*Using all senses in thinking
*What kind of employees are there
*Talking about creative people that made a difference in man history & became successful starting from zero (Walt Disney & Oprah) are the most two that were spoken about
*How to get out of the box

*Draw one thing Describing the best character in you with one color you chose from a group that is given to you.. I chose Orange & I drew a big full heart with sun rays coming out of it to reflect a kind heart & optimism
*A woman is a special being, personally, socially, religiously & can be more under pressure than a man & bare with it.
*As an example of creative people a good secretary, she is creative by nature SINCE she can Handel more than one task at once.
*A woman can use both brain parts the right & left one simultaneously however a man can only use one at a time, that's why a woman is more creative ;p & the man has a bigger ability to focus on the other hand :}
*What types of managers are out there & how to deal with them
*How to think & be creative
*Gather as much information as you can, one day you might need them

A lot more but right now this is what's on my mind :}

All in all am loving this course & the group that am with is pretty interesting too + SAS hotel has many places to discover! I mean they have a marine museum & the Hashimi ship to discover & today when I took my "after course" tour around exploring saw some GREAT decorations all around which tomorrow I will explore more :> & take photos also there is the old Kuwaiti house or neighborhood (hmm am not sure of the name) but its interesting :D I will take my time there tomorrow.. Also there is a nice roof over looking the sea, Al-Hashimi ship that I go to in the breaks :>


G0LDiLiCiOuS-Ψ said...

FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Waaaaaay babchyyy...!!! Many msadgah eny gedart a3alg..!! madree shsayer belly me using...!! Adesh your blog I can read your posts... bas I CAN NOT COMMENT..!!! Oo feeh other blogs I CAN NOT EVEN ENTER OR CHECK!! :'( I felt useless, Any way.... How are you Oo how`s your vida?! Oo your new job?!! and everything?! NICE Secrets :D LIKED THEM<<< a3saabech hady?!! Oo bas I MISSED ZAAA LIFE HERE Ayee caane note belive zat...!!


G0LDiLiCiOuS-Ψ said...

YAAAAAAY... me awal wa7dah commented ba3ad hehehehehe... khalny afathfeeth ya jema3ah :D hehehehehehehe... sorry :S


غسان said...

What would I be if I can not focus and I can not use both spheres of my brain? Who are the speakers in the lectures?

Purgatory said...

SAS ;)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey there @!@ GOD I missed you so much over here, btw I sent you an e-mail did you get it? check ur junk maybee it went there since am new to ur adress :D

Saturday will be my first day in KU Kifan inshallah :} its going well so far am really feeling better getting back some of the old me :>

oO about the commenting thing ,, blogger sucks :} its not ur PC nor connection ;p

Have a nice day & gald to c ur comment dear :}

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Focus is a big issue but the ofered us 3CDs to listen too & learn how to focus.. but the core of it is to set your Priorities & use a square which I will take a picture of then post in an other post for you :}

You can not use both spheres of ur brain because you are a man & that is natural BUT you can try to use them in the same time , again in the next post I will post each part of the brain & its usage & how to combine thm both in thiking :}

The leacture is given in 3 days (sat to mon) By Mrs. Mona 3abdulJaleil & the remaining two days (tues & wed) by Mr. Jamal Qabazard .. tomorrow I will ask for the company name & some information along with the phone number to give it to you :}

I think the course would do you great & it will definatelly motivate you to be better :}

Q80-Chill Girl said...


hmm is that the only peice of information you got from the post!?

its not a secret :D I do take the course there!

G0LDiLiCiOuS-Ψ said...

Missed you 2 ya 2lby :* Oo tawny checked your e-mail madree 3an el yahoo e-mail sar ley ages..!! 7ta tawny qerait Mad's "About the women rights argument"..!! Well as for the blog thing I don't know...:D I'll add you on the msn messenger ok..:> my e-mail starts with Sw...

Oo good luck in everything amiga ;)


Q80-Chill Girl said...

Addition accepted :D a pleasure to have u with me dear :}