Saturday, 19 March 2005

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

Its Saturday :} & its blog of the week time here in chillout Kuwait. It’s a special blog I personally love to visit it daily although lately I haven’t been able to comment especially that there are A LOT of the latest issues I really relate to but ! As they say
تسير الرياح بما لا تشتهي السفن
So without any further delay the blog of this week is

GRAFIKA by the one & only @@ بو مريوم

Although he is in real life he is Bo-Hamad but he prefers to be called Bo-Maryoum after Maryam his first blooming marriage rose :}

This post will be done in a new style :} that suits an artist that seeks for change & creativity. However there is no runaway from categorizing his posts into sentences! So if you CLICK (thankfully) on each word in that sentence you would get into a different post that rhyme with the same sentence meaning .. Enjoy his blog as much as I do every DAY :>

He is a creative artist in decor

Also likes TULIPS (my love & passion ;p .. Which is definitely a plus to make me addicted to his blog)

A true Kuwaiti family man, a father (for the 3rd time mashallah :D ) & a husband :}

Art goes into the blood of Maryoum too :>

interested in Areterian coffee!!

His dream house is not yet a reality BUT inshallah one day he will get it as I do hope & pray for him to have it

Romance is not lost after all is it?

Fun & Funny is part of his spirit

DALI ,, God am so much in love with Dali's work! Although the artist who drew the pic in the post is not Dali (DUUUH its digital art ya3ni!!) but truly as Bo-Maryoum said "Dali" was the 1st to pop into mind :)

uniquely marked as funny too ;p

He does collage, photoshop shows you how creative he is, also he went into the world of 3D

Kuwaiti issues find their way into his blog

I really can't cover all of what he offers in the blog in a simple blog review although in four days it will be only 3 months old :} but I must say it is a very rich blog in content & spirit, the moment you read for Bo-Maryoum you just have to go back to see what creative photo he will put or simply cute funny family or work story he has or even what opinion on controversial issue he has!

Bo-Maryoum is truly one of the men that I highly respect since I do respect an honest family man that loves his family wife & kids. So God bless this family & " Allah lay'3yer 3leihum" I do wish him the best of luck...

Cheers to Bo-Maryoum owner of Grafika blog, blog of the week here @ Chillout Kuwait :}


esetch said...

توست لبومريوم

نرفع كوب القهوة لعشقه بها

تو بومريوم، مي هي كونتنو تو برنغ جوي تو أور لايفز إفري دي

هير هير

بومريوم said...

chill girl..
thanks alot for your sweet words..
i dont know what to say wallhaa

أحرجتينى و الله

Q80-Chill Girl said...


و انا برفع قهوتي معاك هم لانه يحب القهوه

ووو بعد يور سبيتش .. تو بومريوم

تشيرز :}

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Ahlein Bo-Maryoum :}

You are most welcome & u wrote every word, I only showed it in public :D so the real thanx is to you ;}

keep up the good work :}

Purgatory said...

t-cheerz ha :P wa7ed has an orgasm on coffee and donuts (tata) and you go t-cheerz with coffee :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Purg :}

this is the joy of diversity & being unique :} you do ur thing ur own way! you even talk english your own way :D this is part of having fun in life for me

*spell check on off mode, coz am not in the mood to do so ;p*

Zaydoun said...

Bo Maryoom is like a breath of fresh air every day... There is something unique and very endearing about him, he just seems like the nicest guy in the world.