Thursday, 10 March 2005

Thursday morning

I woke up in this morning being so think-ative! If that is right to say :s

* You've got mail is one of my all time favorites, the most memorable memory I have about it is at an English class back in 1998 (when I was a junior at KU), it was English 162 with the lovely Mrs. Mary (the black one) so any how we spoke about the movie & we all were wondering what is the program that speaks to you saying "you've got mail!" and I remember "Eiman" a very nice Egyptian girl solved the mystery & said its …. Hmm I forgot ;p but it was related to AOL.. at the time I didn't understand it fully, now when I saw the movie I was like OF COURSE its AOL they connect through it & all so its must be some program in the pacage or something searchable. Could be a meaning less thought but the memories it brought made me really smile.

* Thursday morning & am thinking what to do first.. I have some hmm not some actually it's a LOT of organizing to do.. Have some work home since I want to get it over with before I leave my work place.. See "HITCH" but then again it's the weekend so the movies is not a good option! I guess, hmm or not!

* Love actually is tonight on the movie channel & that is also one of my all times favorites (I love romantic movies & romantic comedies are the best) .. hmm I will list them! This is my next post a list of my favorite movies :D

* One more thought occurred to me along with my second coffee cup for this morning " I hope I don’t get hyper like the last time I had dark coffee with lots of sugar", how on earth did we enjoy Latin "modblaja" (I don’t know the word in English! I will have to wait for Purg. To assist me in that) series! I mean they were extremely silly and I recall the actor after saying a line pausing,, its 100% fake! How could we enjoy so obvious faking?


Jelly Belly said...

I can't sleep as usual...9aba7 alkhair to you actually is one of my favorite's just so darn cute...I love the part where one of the characters I can't remember his name (who loves his best friend wife) when he wrote his feeling on cardboard and she just read it silently...aaaaah that was just beautiful.
don't over do it with caffiene ;)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

try warm milk dear it might do u some good & try to relax a not think too much, dont get ur brain to think too much :} reeellaaax u need to get some rest tomorrow u have school ;p "7arra I don't"

about love actually omg that scene touched my heart!
+ I cant resist the quiet yet hillarious way "Hugh Grant" acts I really laugh my head off when he so quietlly says something funny & romantic at the same time! I love this guy's soul .. that cute kid with the love problem is so adourable .. its just soooo full of lovely love living in it :}

caffiene i already did LOL & the reason that it gets to me is that am not used to it concentrated ;p

Anti_Reason said...

Thank you for visiting my blog today. Since I didn’t attend KU, I’m not familiar with the gentleman you mentioned. In fact the only person I know in KUs Physics Department is Dr. Mustapha Ma’arafi.

I’m a veteran of eWorld – Apples licensed version of AOL. When you accessed you account you started hearing traffic noise, you got the audio prompt for mail and what have you Sometime in the future, I’ll narrate how I accessed my mail while I was on the road in those days – before free web based email services.

Movie Quiz: Do you know the inspiration for “You’ve got Mail”?

geo said...

you've got mail is the remake of shop around the corner

i think meg ryan is the most suitable actress for a romantic comedy .. she just fits gracefully into the role check out: sleepless in seattle, addicted to love, when harry met sally, frensh kiss

Purgatory said...

cham mara you saw this movie!! :P

The word you are looking for is dubbed series.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


* UW :}

* Well depends if u were in the class of 1998 or earlier or later because I only knew him back then oO madri if now he is there or not but the two Dr's from there that I remember are : I forgot his name u surelly know him the head of the department the short guy that smokes a lot, so much that I did not go to his office even when I had a ton of questions because of the smoke + Dr. Fekri El-3aqaad ,, egypian E Y A N E N, his so kind Oo as for the m3rafi Dr am sorry I dont know him ;p I didnt stay long in that department, sorry.

* Tdri by the day am more excited to try "mac" ! so lets see what time will bring

* As for the quiz ,, geo got it :} & to be honest I really didn't know the answer ;p lw ma galt geo the answer chan I didn't know it :}

thank you for dropping by :>

Anti_Reason said...

Q8- CG,
Again I don’t know these names since I’ve never been to KU – and my college days date way far back than you’ve indecated. But the description you provide fits Mustafa Ma’arafi – but he was head of the department a long time ago.

As for the movie quiz, always let the imdb be your friend.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Purg :}

I knew I could rely on u in that :} thanx

& I saw it hmm like 5 or 4 times or so

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Well he (as I heard) was the head of the dept. for a loooooong long while , back when layla & el theib story took place :}

oO thanx for the tip :} will check imdb for that :D ... although I did use it to take a link for you've got mail :S but didnt read much of whats under the movie pic.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


thanx for the tip dear :D I just knew it from you :>

I agree about meg she is adourable & I love all the movies u listed adding "kate & leopald" to them too

Anti_Reason said...

I think Dr. Ma’arafi was head of the department in 1979-80, but I’m not sure.

You can get all sorts of information from IMDB. Check out the link for movie connections – which I included – and you’ll find that he movie is a remake.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


sorry for the late reply i dont know whats wrong with blogger NSHAF reji till it published my replies ,, any how :} hope u will excuse my delay & mix of reply order :D

Anti_Reason said...

Nobody beats Doris Day as the queen of romantic comedies of all time!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


GOD am trying to remember the name but no use !! bs I remember that his name sounded like he & his father are friends u know the kind of name like "salem khalid" that sound as if they are friends not father & son! " its an old theory that all our family believes in: there are names that do not sound like father & son :S what scale ?don't ask ;p"

& WOW on the connections page :} impressive & saves time too ,, thanx dear :> very useful

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Doris Day :S hmmm too old for me I guess, I never saw any of her movies but now that u have mentioned her :} with such admiration tshwgt eni achof lha flm :)

Anti_Reason said...


I suggest that you start with “Pillow Talk”, with Rock Hudson.
BTW, for years its been rumored that a remake of this film is being planned with the leads to be played by: yes, you guessed it, Ryan & Hanks!

غسان said...

Physics department + smoking a lot + short guy + used to be fat but not anymore = د.عدنان

Q80-Chill Girl said...

A_R :}

Will try to get my hands on it :D as soon as I can.. Thanx for the recomendation

& its not Dr. Mustafa its Dr. 3adnan :D & thanx for the reply above mine ;p by " '3assan " he said the name & reminded me of it :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...


thkrk allah blshahaadaaa :D

YES this is the name :} , & good for him that he lost weight he was pretty old, weight is not good for him, allah y6wl b3umra :D & thanx again bec. ams i looked in my year book & I did not see him as head of the my graduation year 2003! soooooo you spared me the looking around time ;p .. thanx