Sunday, 24 July 2005


There is this cute young girl around, that is extremely annoying .. Let me set an example if you say "Hi there" or any kind of greeting she would not only greet you back! NO .. She would get into your office stare into your PC "that you hid away from visitors hoping for privacy" to ask you:

What are you doing? ooooh work,,, is it hard? What does that or this mean!!

All I meant to do is a simple hi :} not to invite an army of curiosity into my office, actually qubic!. So now she is the queen of FEAR,,, If you see her @@ be ware of what your "hi" can drag to you. Don't get me wrong I like her but I hate the way she acts! she is making me ignore her but some how I can't stop smilling in her face or greet her. I think that is probably why she comes back,, still :(

There is some guy that wanted to be like "the so great hot shot" that knew every thing around even why ur father called you this or that name! So when it came to real work it became obvious day by day that he does not know how to tie his shoes (work wise). I don't like it when people brag about this or that! If your so damn good let other people see it :} not hear of it.


3baid said...

You have to practice saying quick hellos. You could also try waving quickly from a distance while you walk away which means "hey, busy, later!" :P

Purgatory said...

Hmm does she have a squeeky voice?

G0LDiLiCiOuS-Ψ said...

Yeah she seems to be from the squeeky type purg! Cause a'3lab el malaqeef soot-hom yseer squeeky! don't say hi next time, Oo ya sheen el Leqafah, hawaant ma ra7 ayy ashteghel 3indekom:Pp~~ seriously I don't know how I'll cope with "El-kuwaitiyah" Society! I'm totally not kuwaitiyah when it comes to "7ash" and "7ab+ Chay el tha7ah" :|

And 7ayshatny flue :/


G0LDiLiCiOuS-Ψ said...

Oh and one more thing, last week I heared one of my aunts saying "Marbyah" as in "Marbella", I asked her politely: khalty wain sam3ah hal word!! it's a spanish word, Oo tried to fix it "el-word", bas as always this aunt from the type who amazingly keeps surprising you how she loves braging about her knowledge about things, and to her you know NADA!! nothing compared to her!! Anyhow, I've realized that most of the kuwaities "y3arfoon Kel shay", they will never tell you "Madree"!
Funny how minds simply gets narrower towards such situations!

Stay Safe:***

samboose said...

Works funny like that at times. You try to be polite but can't help but have a look on your face when annoying people approach. I tend to open up box files, type really fast or pick up the phone to look like i'm dialing give a quick smile and turn away.

Worse of all is when they throw in a comment that's totally uncalled for. I get those Alley McBeal flashbacks.

Corazon Dividido said...

I feel your pain a 100%, maybe times a zillion! The annoying person though in my work is my SUPERVISOR arrrgghhh!! I try to politely smile as he goes on till the end of time about his love life,home life, his medical problems. I feel like telling him that he is the boss so he can slack off, while me being a little worker bee must trudge away or else.... So what I have found helps is to not stop saying hi, but dont put a smile on your face that way it will discourage her from coming in when your face isnt friendly, or second tip is to just look up and nod quickly no more then 3 seconds then look down.

As to your second co-worker from hell, before your next day of work look up a question that you know the answer too, then while in a group at work ask him the question nonchalantly, but after that he will keep his mouth shut for fear of looking like an idiot in front of others. The question can be about the company you work for or just something thats going on in the news. If all these tactics still dont stop the pesky pests in your office,I think I heard theres room here at my office but you have to help me put up with the OVERSHARING BOSS!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


LOL, good tip ,, will try it :} although am curently usuing the "am so damn busy" way of saying a hi

Q80-Chill Girl said...


@@ HOW DID YOU KnoooooooooooW !!!!

She does LOL, but as I said in a cute way she is 3noonah :}

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Golden :}

LOL she issssss @@ ;p

I can't not say hi she looks at me & waves! I cant ignore any one its very hard .. besides since she is not a perminant employee & sometimes she breaks my heartcoz she stays alone or they over use her in work LOL, u know big fish eats litle fish :}

B-U-T i am learning how to deal with her :D & I think its working

Ooh hear mom when she says "style" omg she goes like : SaaaTaaaYeeeL .. & every attempt to let hre just conside saying style the way it is will surelly be faced with repeating the same SaaaTaaaYeeeL .. LOL

& about the "i know every thing" kind of people TELL ME ABOUT IT :D I have a relative who thinks this way GOD its so hard to even try around her !! I hate that

Q80-Chill Girl said...



omg this is my strategy :D act BUSY except am really busy curently ;p ,, oh about the Ally Flashes it cracked me up coz i rememberd one i had today with the "hot shot" that pretends to know all while he needs me to finish his work! & correct his errors ,, no hes not only lazy he actually does not know his head from his toes in a metter of ABC !!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Corazon Dividido

omg ur supervisor man ur in great pain God help you @@ .. Good for me she is just here for the summer .. About the smile its hard but am giving her the hello goodbye smile, I dont want to hurt her feelings but ignoring her when she is in the office made it clear to her today that i dont want her into my world :} just on the side walk thank you :>

So she dropped by a couple of times the 1st she got into my qubic then went out when she saw me busy :} & looking directly into the screen scrooling around numbers & focusing on them ONLY ,,, the second time she passed by my partition's wall :D which was a reliefe :D:D me happy

As for that co-worker :} I know will fall into the situation you pictured with out me intending to do it coz he has no idea about the work he is doing although he was in the company for more than 5 years (not sure how much) & am 2 months old! in it & he comes to ask me & want me to fix things up & he listens to me @@ like for real then he makes mistakes because he did not comprehence the way i work! alhtough its plain ABC ... any how he is mean too am really sorry to find that there are ppl like that :( BUT today he pulled the trigger on him self :} he should handel whats comming next

Bloo said...

u absolutely nailed it in both accounts..

the girl: the example is spreading. i have one example in my office, the good news is, she's only a summer trainee and tomorrow is her last day.. her sweetness was really becoming disgusting (Walla jad.. the way she says hi is annoying!)

the know it all: i can think of one person from work too.. and believe it or not, he's gona be sent for PhD soon.
on the other hand, one who is reallt A KNOW IT ALL- actually says is loudly that he is a know it all- and there is not a single shred of doubt that he isnt.. bs still, it kind of effects the way i look at him.. if only he was a modest..

what the hell is wrong with people and showing off (al7een i have to look at myself and see if im showing off in any thing.... hmm.. maybe my figure :D)