Sunday, 17 July 2005

على غرار بوست بلو بوز -تي ام- "حجياتي الروسيات"..اقدم لكم حجياتي المبرقعات

Brother came from a short vacation & brought me a surprising GIFT :D

Its a mini-copy of the Russian dolls "Semyenov" I thought they were VERY CUTE :} totally loved them

How ever! When I looked into the mother's eyes she was a bit sad :(

Puss-In-Boots's "original" ones were happier!

As for the post title it was intended to go along with BloBoz's :} old post that was about the same kind of toys .. Cheers to Bloooo :}

Also I can not forget the dear Puss-In-Boots :} thank her for the information about the doll's name "Semyenov" since if not for her I would have called then hmm "Russian dolls" ;p ,, thank you dear


Shot said...

اكيد شاريهم من السعوديه :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...


غلط :> من السوق الحره .. دبي

PIß said...

LOL I like yours more though :D btw I went to Al-Koot the other day 'n saw this .. you instantly crossed my mind lol I think that those are the same ones u posted in flickr...

Q80-Chill Girl said...

May'3loon 3laich dear :D:D

Eeeeeeeeee ELi eb accessorize LOL yeah :D zein thkarteni .. I think I will make a folder for them in flickr ;p

but might add that picture i took of those shaba9at later on tomorrow :D:D thanx dear a zillion :>

PIß said...

lol teslemeley matga9reen wallah, 3alaich balf 3afyah.. o you're welcome ma sawait shy :]

Ms.Baker said...

Ooooh! These are also often called "babushka" dolls. The ones you have are so cute! Niqab and all, LOL! I love it. They are so sweet, how nice of your brother :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


:} thank you deaaaaaaaaar :D:D

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Ma baker :D

WOW thanx for the tip :D will look up Babushka too :D:D ,, o about my bro he is the closest to me among all of my siblings :} & he does know what to buy me :> that gift made me so happy

BloBoz said...

I can't belice my self that i haven't commented on the post yet :S ..

woow they look funny but i still have an issue with the shape i hate them lol .. but they look nice :D enjoy them ..

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Hello blooooooooooooo :D:D

Personally I cant blame you :D u were busy with ur trip dear :D:D Looks like lots of fun & needs a lot of reading :>

Glad u liked the dolls ,, am ok with the shape actually but the problem was with their look! but their cute-ness beats that ;p