Saturday, 23 July 2005


* Possible weekend outside Kuwait :} not sure yet!

*lately It bothered me how easy it is for me to forget! I mean like for instance today in the car when I was out shopping I thought of several posts & did I write down these Ideas?


Did I get use of the don's idea of using voice recording!


:} So I ended up with the stated above useless nonsense :}

* On an other note! Tim Tim has a new adventure :D

* One more last thing, I wonder how do the people who made all the crazy bombings latelly think! ,, truelly am puzzled: what do they aim to?


Corazon Dividido said...


Hello just want to first say nice blog, you have accomplished what you wanted to achieve, it is relaxing! I almost wanted to sip a cold glass of lemonade as I read your posts! :0) Also a weekend of adventure outside of Kuwait is not nonsense, you probably will come back with tales of adventure and mishaps! Just take a camera in case you see something truly amazing to add to you blog.

Now to your question of what the bombers want to achieve is I think for all to be miserable like they are. They probably are ppl who have no self esteem, who have lots of anger and hate in then. They want to kill all that is good and joyful in the world. I thinkl that they want to destroy what they can not understand and have, that being peace of min with yourself and the world. That's what I feel is their aim.

To end on a positive note, hope your weekend is truly out of this world with adventures and surprizes!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Corazon Dividido

First of all thank you soooo much for a nice & refreshing comment that really made me happy :} ,, thank you :>

"to destroy what they can not understand and have" this sentance made all the sence to me, I really wanted to say a lot that was summarized in it! .. I think its the fear & hate for what ever they dont & cant have.. Truelly its sad & my sympathy is to the famillies of the lost innocents

Thank you for the note, & to me all ur comment was a big gigantic posetive note :} ,, thank you dear & its a pleasire to know that you liked my blog

Bloo said...

hi there pretty. i just want to ask u .. how are u coping with work-relations. male and female?

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Vintage :}

Well am not new to it, the only difference here is that its closer & the majority is males ,, but its very good to tell you the truth there is always this margin of respect & professionalizm there, in the same time we do mingle well its pretty nice & natural.