Thursday, 7 July 2005

MADAGASCAR all the way

GREAT MOVIE I advice every one to see it, & purg the penguins were AMAZINGLY funny! :D:D

truly worth going to ,, am thinking of watching it again...


Shot said...

I saw the movie yesterday

It was Funny :D

Jacqui said...

I watched the movie already 5 times if not more.. but I am hoping of heading out to the movies for it.. Somehow watching it on a big screen with popcorn and nachos and the works has a different feeling to it :)

Purgatory said...

SO this will be your new "love actually" :P?

Q80-Chill Girl said...


:D:D 3jeeeeeeeeeeeeeb truelly liked it a thousand times :D:D

Welcome here :D ,, too bad no blog to check out :D:D hurry up me want to see what you have there :D:D

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Jackooooooooooo :}

Akeed el cinema theme is wonderfull, although in Kuwait its not tempting :/ but still its a big theature :D I only drink Pepsi there ;p .. go for it during the weekdays

it will be extra funny especially if a baby behind you burped ;p LOL it was hillarious! & i was shoked kids this age go to the movies :}

Q80-Chill Girl said...


LOL .. could beeeeeeeeeeeeee

Shot said...

sadly my domain will be end this month so i close the blog after I come back from Germany i will open my new domain

Apostle John said...

Just discovered your blog -- finding it very interesting.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


:} insha2 allah you will be back bl slama :D oOo wating to check out ur blog then

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Apostle John

Thank you dear for the nice compliment :D it made my day & motivated me to write a lot more!

thank you again :}

PeTiTa said...

I loved madagascar and I can't wait for the dvd =) by they way enjoy reading your blog a lot =)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Me toooo :D:D will get it insha2 allah on DVD sooooon :}

& thank you or the nice compliment,, it worked like magic to transform my busy exhausting week into a smile :} .. thank you

EXzombie said...

Q80-Chill Girl or the "chigirlia" shlooooonich, sorry for being late....
about madagascar, to till u the truth i couldn't complete the movie even though i tried to watch it 5 times.... i dont know why but i seem to be stuck each time the penguins reach the island....?!?!?!
i cant see what is exceptional in this movie... its nothing compared to shrek or the incredibles, or even toy story....!!!
keep up the good work .....
(مبارك عليكم الشهر (رمضان طبعا
in advance in case i disappear again......!!!
arigato gozaimasu "chigoria" (no L in nihogo) san

خلصت كلامي

Q80-Chill Girl said...

عبد ربنااااااااا


man it been long :D .. hope ur well & doing ok?

Well shrek 2 was a blast :} truelly 3jeeb ,, but madagascar had its own flavour I mostly liked the cute-ness of the animals.. You have to give it to the penguin that slaps that poor sailor when needed or not!

All in all each has his taste :D so its up to you or me to decide weather we like X or Y more .. aham shai ena hal post made you comment :} nice to hear from you ..

today you crossed my mind! "3oha construction thing" had some banners near el-mubarakeya area i think!? so i was like ,, hmm where did he go?

EXzombie said...

"Chigirlia" الحمد لله
every thing is fine for now, how about u....?!?!

shrek 2 was phenominal, and the pinguins in "Mada-d يا سيدي ابو العريف مداد-gascar" were the stars of the show, i didn't like "el-Zarafa", but since were speaking about animation....

what would u choose as the best adult cartoon show:

ono- the simpsons
do - futerama
san- family guy
arba"3"a- american dad

افا عليج انا كل شهر ادخل بلوغج علشان ابوق الصور اللي فيه و عسى دوم

خلصت كلامي

p.s. شسالفة البلوغ... كتبت موضوع طويل عرض عن باكستان وم البلاوي اللي صارتلي فيها و حطيت صور عجيبة مصورها هناك و آخر شي يوم ييت ادزها fu6 feest ماكو شي.....؟!؟!؟!؟
الموضوع اختفى و راح علي حاط فوق ال10 صور و كاتبلي ساعة و نص و آخر شي حتى الحمص ما طلع لي....؟!؟!؟

Q80-Chill Girl said...

عبد ربنا

Glad to hear that ur fine & it was school :} wish you the best of luck ,, I got THE JOB :D:D i remember you posting back then ;p

The best thing about the girraf is that I related it to ROSS in Friends :} so it was kinda funny ;p

Ammm as for the adult cartoon I didnt see 3 & 4 ,, but from 1 & 2 I would go for 2 although am not much into adult cartoons :) I prefer the more family/childish ones :D

عسى دوم اتبوقني @@ يا مجرم !! هذا و انت ملك ؟؟

لول اتغشمر عليك بالعافيه و اخذ اللي تبيه :> عادي

بالنسبه لمشكله البوست المختفيه .. و انا وخيتك مريت نففففففس الموقع و جد حسيت ببجي لان تعبي راح و يومها هونت و ماكتبت البوست الا بعد ساعه (لما بردت حرتي) .. عموما تعلمت شغله .. قبل لا تقول لبلوجر "ببلش" سو كوبي من ال
نسخه من الحجي لانه فيها تكون التنسيقات اللي ممكن تخسرها لو سويت كوبي على النص العادي بال
normal view
المهم حطه اما بالكاش (بالماوس) او بنوت باد احتياطا و ردعا لتسلل الاحباط لارجاء مخك المعصور لكتابة بوست :> بعد طول غياب

اخيرا .. حياك يا عبد ربنا و ماتأطعناش