Thursday, 19 April 2007

MS Excel

I find an amazing joy of making up a formula in Excel, especially if its a nested IF statement.

First you need to figure out the logical test you want to run on your data. Then think of how to do it, how to formulate the IF statement, define your : test - values if true or false.

Now the joy is when you repeat this several times, in my case 13 times :D the joy grows bigger when the false value is an other IF statement, then the second IF statement's false value is a new IF statement & the loop goes on till I get 13 IF statements all nested together.

Now it can become a bit frustrating when you face an error in your formula, but who said easy things are always fun? :D

I have this idea! That we mostly learn from our mistakes, not the things we do right, after all we did do them right? right :D

Self note:
Although so far so good but I am up for the challenge, although I am afraid of the future, I still want it to work out. I am leaning on that strong wish of wanting it to work to keep me hang tough.


Transparently said...

I hated excel formulas, I tried their macros and hated them too. Must be quite the task having 13 nexted if statements!

3baid said...

13 if statements?! @_@

Is there a way to use an AND/OR operator? like (if A1 = 0 AND B3 = 7) so you don't have to do them nested :/

Q80-Chill Girl said...


It's an enjoyable one for me :D I like it when it gets complex, as for hating the formulas in it, i agree on the basis that it has limitations also not every statistical analysis can be conducted easily, however it is more user friendly than any other software "which is the winning card for MS in the first place & why their windows is so widely spread"

3baid :D

No cant do that since my aim is to let the Excel do the following:

there is a list pre-defined with scores & corresponding grade for each score

check weather the number in a certain cell is one of the numbers in the list & try to make the new column "the one the IF statements is in" made of grades, each corresponding to its score

AND is good when you have multiple conditions :D to apply on a single value, wanting to satisfy this & this & that, not in my case where i need to validate a single value & weather it is equal to one of the numbers in a list

OR is good when you want your cell to either satisfy one condition or two, or wanting to satisfy one condition among several ones

Still doing it the hard way is fun for me :D

Marzouq said...

I find it hilarious since I know what your talking about, I enjoying making all the work sheets working together and getting the whole thing to give me information I want!

7amdilla your enjoying it!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


YES, it is wonderful!! making the worksheets in a smart way, using logical tests in them & letting them give you EXACTLY what you want with the min. effort just get the result & not worry about doing every single step, do the first one correct & the rest is just drag the formula or copy, paste/ paste special :D

Also I like to link worksheets so you won't have to repeat the information, this is very nice to minimize the work time.