Saturday, 28 April 2007


Qnuux = Hello

A complex way to think of it is [here] which is interesting but to be honest it was not the way I thought of it! Thank you Purgatory for the link :D very informative.

mine was very simple, I simply listed the Alphabetics A-Z then chose the letter R to correspond a new listing for the alphabetics, reorganized them in the same pattern but took the R as a starting point, hence the R = A

a j
b k
c l
d m
e n
f o
g p
h q
i r
j s
k t
l u
m v
n w
o x
p y
q z
r a
s b
t c
u d
v e
w f
x g
y h
z i

So the word Hello in the red letters corresponds with the word Qnuux in the black letters. If you go back to the hints I put in that post, it will make sense now :>

This one was easy, be prepared for the next one :D


3baid said...

Noooo, Qnuux means, "Smile" which is Chill-Girl's way of saying hello :]

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Well you got it!! we should NEVER say hello without smiling :D

there you go, you cracked up the bigger code ;p

NiQa said...

WHAT? this hurts the brain!
i dont like it :( bye

Q80-Chill Girl said...



well I'm affraid that you will see more of these things around here :D am planing to introduce this new line :D