Monday, 23 April 2007

New Sandwich

I decided to start the signed pictures with a sandwich :D

Whats in:

Ciabatta bread
ٌٌٌٌٌRocket - احب الجرجير بشكل خيالي
Olives (preferably black, but if you like green is fine too)
Halloumi cheese
Gauda cheese "my fav. is Fico's gauda"
Cheddar cheese
Mozzarella cheese
A hint of Basil pesto "not a must"

How to:

Use the oven to roast the ciabatta from the inside a little
(on one side of the ciabatta)
A few leaves of rocket
Halloumi cheese
Gauda cheese
Cheddar cheese
A tiny touch of pesto "if you like"
(on the other side of the ciabatta)
Mozzarella cheese
Black olives "sliced ones"

Put both slices of ciabatta filled with its ingredients in the oven, to let the cheeses melt & flavors infuse! & you are done! gather them together & bil3afiah

(Note: for the Tomatoes & Rocket, if you want them fresh you can add them later when you finish roasting the hole sandwich with all the other ingredients, the plus in adding them while the sandwich roasts is the JUICES that come out with the heat)


3baid said...

You made this? Mashallah, looks yummy :]

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Yep :D

صنع ايديا و حياة عينيا

Recently I have been interested in sandwiches :D there is an other one coming up, also yummy