Tuesday, 20 November 2007

A quick dish!


When I got home, lunch was not appealing, looked into the fridge found some useful things [mushrooms - coriander - Parmesan] and did the following:

Took out some garlic & coriander

Butter in the pan


Crushed garlic with coriander, added some salt when squashing them, it makes it easy to squash them :D this is my mother's tip! Then added some pepper "I prefer freshly crushed" and some dried rosemary

Added the mushrooms to the mix

Did not have time to cover the pan & wait for the mushrooms to sweat so i added a little bit of water ;p then after a minute or two added some cream over

A few minutes to simmer, the mushrooms with the fake white sauce mixed along well :D finally added some Parmesan cheese just before serving

Annnnnd :D I was DONE, it was ready to be eaten

This sauce with the mushrooms fits a pasta or even with some grilled chicken or steak ,, am a white sauce + mushroom + chicken lover :D thats why I made up this dish, although am not a garlic lover but with the white sauce it works well!


It was a bit salty, I forgot that I added salt to the garlic & coriander mix :/ but I ateeee it along with my sister & bro,,, and they are FINE :D el7mdillah

a lot of cream and water added, a lot of sauce was produced :D which made it fit a pasta more than to be eaten alone ;p

I ate it with some brown toast. All in all it was a good quick Q80-ChillGirl'ie meal :D "that did not sound nice! too long"


Purgatory said...

The butter in the pan looks lonely.

EXzombie said...

no meat......?!

are you turning to a vig. ....?!

New Bride said...

wooooow shaklaa latheeth mashalah :)

Marzouq said...

Very well done! That looks like something I would like to try!!!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


not for long :D it was the base for a good dish :D


LOL, no am not a vig & will never be! but its quicker like this, if i added any type of meat that would add 5-10 more minutes to preparation & cooking time, at that day i did not have that much time! :D this dish took 15-20 min all in all :D


it issss :D try it its yummy, if ur a cheeeeesssseeee lover u can add some grated cheddar and mozzarella and even some gauda :D it will be thicker but it must be added at the last minutes, cheese burns!


Thank you :D
i will trade it with ur machboos :D

This Lady said...


3baid said...

*claps* Bravo! :]

Sentir said...

Looks yummy, I swore off mushroom cream when I had one of those canned ones, h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e! I am still apprehensive about trying it again, but just might because of the coriander. As of late, one of my favourite activities is chopping corainder :D the way the aroma comes out is magical!

This is a bit off-topic, but I just saw your Van Gogh post and liked it. I've been a fan of his for more than a decade now and I had the fortune of seeing one of his sunflowers paintings in a art gallery late last year. It was an out-of-world experience, and you are spot on, his simplicity is amazing.

About his life, part of what made me fascinated with him is his eccentricity; I guess normal people are boring!

LiL ALiEN said...

*Two thumbs up*

الشخص دائما اذا كان يوعان يبدع بالطبخ

Desert-Roses said...

yum yum...

3ad am starving

-mate said...


Q80-Chill Girl said...

This Lady

:D it isssss


:D LOL *bows*


Canned is crappy! I used to use canned mushrooms "an other fake way to eat a simple ingredient" which was tasteless! now i do not use it and using it is a CRIME, the taste totally disappears & any dish losses its soul! the coriander aroma am with you :D

Van Gogh ,, glad u liked the post, will elaborate more in the up coming days, as for his life i would say creativity is linked directly to the brain, and if for some reason this brain/ thoughts go out of the ordinary it is normal for them to reflect something different :D so i agree with ur thoughts but normal ppl are not boring ;p hmmmm although sometimes they are

Lil Alien

الحاجه ام الاختراع و شكرا على الابهامين الخضر

Desert Roses

when u see food u think u crave! when hungry, you will be surprised how u will settle with the simplest of foods, khubz o jbn would be great :D glad u likey :D


its a simple dish ,, try it :D lets see how men do in the kitchen ;p then tell us the result