Monday, 5 November 2007


A he from the UAE

A he from Egypt

A she from Kuwait

All total strangers, to me, to each other. All made me smile :D

It is amazing how by a simple opinion or a few words like "I read your blog" a total stranger can make you happy, this week has been loaded with new people making me smile, to those three I dedicate this post, to appreciate you guys & thank you.

Not to forget, the wonderful ones that keep e-mailing me or commenting from time to time :D THANK YOU,, big time.


Broke said...

I love tulips .. :*

( Tra 3addait nafsi menhum )

Desert-Roses said...

SEE!! this is what I mean with smart ladies...
Be frank , don't you feel smart? lool :P

p.s I mean with smart ladies...who dont let anyone let them down, who fight and feel so confident to speard thier be caring and emotional as God created them...yet strong and wise..

Purgatory said...

I read your blog

Stranger who looks like ThePurg.

LiL ALiEN said...

Stranger احلى شي بالـ

ليمن يكون ايلين :P

3baid said...

I hope all your smiles are permanent! hehe ;P

HENO said...

HI Q80-Chill Girl , I am THE ONE from Egypt. Its my pleasure to know you. It was a nice event that i came to your blog, i am happy also that i made you smile this week. Hope I can make you smile next week too.


Q80-Chill Girl said...

Broke :D

you are one of them :D you do cheer me up with ur e-mails eli etfgdeni fehum with events around q8 :D annnd glad u like Tulips because i looooove them.

Desert Rose :D

LOL thank you for elmdeeee7 :D and the way you described smart women "to be caring and emotional as God created them...yet strong and wise"
is totally true in my eyes too :D

its nice to meet you :D

Purg :D

One of my old blog-buddies, thank you... A lot of my posts don't mean any thing more than random rants but you commented on them when i least expected that ANY ONE would care to,, thank you :)

Lil Alien :D

انت ايلين عنصري انا عندي كل السترينجرز مثل مثل ما افرق
ولا علشان تلفونك اجدد من تلفوني؟ صرت عنصري @!@

3baaaid :D

wish you the same too dear :D


Thank you :D

Anonymous said...

Tistahleen kel khair, you have always been one of the truly sweetest bloggers around here :)

...And I read your blog too (but quietly) :)

Marzouq said...

I lurk... then I pounce.. then I lurk again!!! loooool!

Stranger from Maidaaaaaaan Hawally! looool!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Ms. Baker

loooooooong time no see,, i am so happy u commented here i found you :D since fugdtch in dw along while ago. Thank you dear, i appreciate what you said ooo thank you lead us to the way for the red brick road ;p


i love ur blog & ur comments are always pleasant :D annnnnnnnnnnd you guys cracked me up with what u did in the flugtag the imperial & the clothes you wore along with the theme song was HILARIOUS to read about at Mark's since i didn't get to be there to cheer you guys up :D you guys made it & drew a smile on every one's face :D