Sunday, 18 November 2007


I went to see the Sharq movie premier here in Kuwait tonight @ 8 pm......

The Cancellation:

A few hours before the show my sister & friend could not attend the premier with me but I went there :D alone and it was not easy for a shy person like me, yet I had fun.

The Family mixup:

When I stood for a while near the gate, a family stood in front of me, yes not beside me but in front of me LOL it was hillarious how people looked at me as they came to greet them and wondering who was I ??!!

The Early Bird:

I came there early! too early, 45 minutes before the show, and we did not get in till after 8:05, Arabic timing, Although I liked the fact that I came early still the wait is not for me! I could not stand still for more than a minute! I went here & there, up & down, I can not handle waiting well, if only I took that book with me at least I have read a few pages!

The Salfa:

مو قادره انسى سالفة اثنين يهبلون تخاتيخ من عمر العشر سنين او بداية التعشات ،، يقول للي معاه ايييطقها بالكتاب و قالها انا كنت بطق الذبانه او طق المدرسه او مادري شصار المهم شكله و انفعالاته تشوق :> و اللي يشوق اكثر انفعال اللي معاه لوول حدهم مختبين على السالفة

و هم كان شكل الصبيان اللي لابسين دشاديش يونس،، انتشروا بالساحة اللي جبال السينما ذكروني ابيت عمي العود بالعيد ايام اول ،، لما كانت الدشداشة اللبس الرسمي للصغار

The Faces:

Saw a few familiar faces :D they made me smile :D although some of them don't know me but they made it easy! with the net's aid that is.

The Organizing:

Was good, except for the delay in the playing time, I had a busy day so every minute counts! especially that was dead tired!

The movie, My review:

All in all I liked it, its not something extraordinary but very worth producing, I have always felt that there is this poor one Kuwaiti movie that counted as a try in the cinema world, Bas Ya Bahar, of course EXzombie's latest article proved me wrong & informed me with a lot of facts regarding the kuwaiti cinema and movie industry, an article worth reading it is a documentation of a part of the Kuwaiti culture. Still it is young, and done by amateurs "majority" but its there.

Sharg is a movie about a group of kids who want a new football after theirs being ruined! so the search for a new ball begins, in an other part of Kuwait far away from where they live, my most enjoyable part is the scenes in the middle of the movie where they flash back around the places they went to in Kuwait in their search for Sharg!

I enjoyed the movie a lot, the editing was very nice, script and enjoyed the movie as a whole, it was funny, I would give it 4/5. If you did not see it, or hasty to go & see it, DO NOT !! this is so worth it and its only ALMOST 22 minutes long :)

The Ogre:

She did not look anything like an Ogre but I wanted to use this discribtion in particular to describe her impoliteness! let aside the laughs from here & there, the comments for no obvious reason! the repeating of lines! she kept doing, when a scene of poor/ simple houses came, which I assume is in the "Taima" Area in Al-Jahra district, known as "Al-Sha3beyat" since the movie started from Al-jahra, Al-Sh3beyat are one store houses built originally by the government to house Kuwaitis until their real/ bigger houses are built but this project failed as "Al-Sawaber" one did! they are located in two areas of Kuwait: Al-Sulaibiyah & Al-Jahra.

Nevertheless some have not seen them before or took a closer look at them, I did, it was not a pleasant scene and I do not wish for them to exist in Kuwait I wish that every one has a nice house to fit them, what if they don't?

But to say: umbeeeih hathe El-Jahra chetheee !!

It's a shame, a woman with her age "mid - late 20s" does not know how Al-Jahra looks like, or heard or seen how it looks like? even if you have never been there, have you not known any one living there? haven't you heard about their houses? Personaly I do not live there but I know a lot who do, and you my miss :) should take a trip over there just to sea how things are.

I liked a guy's comment who was close by when he said "this is how Al-Sh3beyat in Al-Jahra looks like" to him I say thank you, to her I say, spare us your comments, true its not a library but to me watching a movie is the same as reading in a library :)

Tomorrow is the last day! do not miss it, book now :D

My day ended with a bag & a brochure of the movie beside me on the ride back home,,,,


Ra7aLaH said...

i loved the movie! i wonder if i can get it on dvd!

Marzouq said...

I haven't had a chance to go yet, but I will see it somehow! Happy you enjoyed it!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


I dont know about the dvd but u can e-mail them & ask annnnd if you can get it spread the word :D i want it too


:D you should dear, it is fun 7 enjoyable worth watching

Desert-Roses said...

you know what did took most of my attention in that was el boys lama kanaw yalbeson deshdasha bel 3eed loooooooool

3baid said...

Thanks for writing about it ChillGirl :D

Anonymous said...

I saw Sharq last night and I loved it!

I think you are being a little harsh on that woman. I am in my early 20s and I was shocked when I saw those houses. I know fee nas 3ala gad 7alhum and they live in small houses/old buildings but I have never heard of sha3beyat before! I don't know anyone (or know of anyone!) who lives in Jahra. And for the record, I have always wanted to go to see what it's like! Bas ma7ad yabi iroo7 wiyay:p

Q80-Chill Girl said...


LOL, well they still do wear them in Eid but not as much as they used to, now some mothers try to brag with designer clothes which is very far from being traditional & cute


uw dear :D i finally got something to boost my anthusiasum for writing


Well i was harsh becuase of her reaction, she was annoyingly amazed with a LOUD voice, close to a mini drama queen ;p and she did bother me during the movie with the rest of her actions.

I knew about them when I passed by them once while visiting someone in Jahra and the Sulaibiah ones I knew from a work assignment there when I went to a school and saw how their streets area and the houses, my heart got ripped, still we know most of them are not Kuwaiti but its an Area in our country, instead of having this disgusted reaction why not think about it? ask why do we have such areas in Kuwait?

all in all yes I was harsh but I think with her attitude & way of talking testahl ;p "7seit eni shreera"

Desert-Roses said...

wallah ya 7alat oboy awal...eyeeb 6a8a wa7da..o fa9el 7a8 kelo.. loool...3mken 7ata el saye8 y5aye6la...mamnoo3 ay boy yalbes menh wala mnak lazem deshdasha..

loool..that was 3athab :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...



i totally respect ur dad! if i get married & have kids i will make the dishdasha their Eid uniform ;p bas 3ad mo kelhum naf el khama lool ana demoqra6eya