Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The Son of man & the Thomas Crown affair!

The other day I watched a movie I REALLY like, the Thomas Crown Affair, a wonderful movie where thrill, wit, art, love is there :) a perfect combination to keep me hooked. Although its a 1999 production but still one of the movies I still like to see.

In that movie the painting below is displayed, since 1999 I wanted to dig up information about it, enough to fill all the blanks I have regarding this painting but never got to it until last week when I saw the movie again,,,, annnd here goes nothing !!!

picture from

++ Son Of Man from a Wiki point of view:

"The phrase son of man is a primarily Semitic idiom that originated in Ancient Mesopotamia, used to denote humanity or self. The phrase is also used in Judaism and Christianity."

++ However the Wiki says more about the painting above

"The Son of Man (French: Le fils de l'homme) is a 1964 painting by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte."

This is for the information related to the painting and its name, now to my butter!

The artist is classifies as a surreal one, surreal in my tiny presepective is un-real, meaning it is real because the artist could use real thing/ places/ objects/ creatures! but in an unreal way, like the master Dali :) "which will have his own post if not posts"

So pretty much the word explains that kind of art, and I also like to explain it as :
painting a dream

now if you see the picture above in a large view "click it" you will notice that his eyes are not totally hidden behind the apple, still one appears more than the other, the one exposed more, the right one for us, corresponds with a shaded hand! mean while the other eye, the left eye corresponds with the not so shaded hand :D

3rd button un-buttoned

ears not symmetrical

those observations I had when I first saw it, the artist could have done them deliberately or not, but the only one I think might be not deliberate is the ear one.

I think it symbolizes the Adam and apple temptation that the son of man still faces till date! and will ever do. If life was the apple I would say it makes a lot of sense to me :) although we can see through the apple, it still hides the big picture from us!


TOUCHE' said...

Nice observation :)

I can't wait for Silvador Dali's posts and can't wait for Mr. Al Pacino to play him in the motion picture.

Dali's paintings totally fascinating.

Joud said...


i dunno if i care to watch a Dali movie, but i've seen Modigliani (played by the handsome Andy Garcia) and it was pretty impressive

Marzouq said...

I am with you 100%! I loved that movie and it was great, and I loved how Pierce Brosnan played in it.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Thanks for the info ,, i didnt know about the movie! :D cant wait to see it

the post is soon, i hope it will come up to ur expectations, thx for dropping by & letting me know ur blog, although the sculpture or picture in the bottom was too sad for my taste!


yet an other piece of info that i didnt know :D THANK YOU :D

annnnd thax for letting me know about ur blog:D i like group blogs, they are a really nice project and keeps the diversity!


True Pierce did great in it, although his character had hints of the James Bond character but still I liked him :D especially when he knew about her drink, that thick odd thing!!

Desert-Roses said...

hey girl....

I saw that painting b4 it is very famous..I think I will study it when I take modren art history course...
and the surrelist thingine u talked about is true..one of them is selvador dali..they say he used to paint his dreams...hmm I dont agree with it totally..I tend to be surrelist sometimes...when I make artworks with details...but I rely on my imagination and my experience...
one famous surreslist I like is Frida khalo..she is amazing u must read about her..and see her works..hmm I bet you know here..rite ?
Frida always argued about the fact she does not paint her dreams..to me she painted her reality...o el funny thing..she didnt konw that she is surrelist untill the founder of that movement told her..hmm madri sheno his name :)

btw the way you talked bout the movie made me eager to see it :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...

I wish I had studied art :D at least as a minor coz i cant live without numbers ;p

Frida is a great artist, i saw the movie where Salma Hayek played her and from that i went to look up her art work, he is Diego Rivera who was her husband & before a communist comrade

surrealism to be explained easily i used the idea of the living dream, since our dreams are mostly a mix of reality & what we wish for which can be unreal, now weather its her reality or not i believe that she painted her life with her feeling along with it, hence the unreal part comes in handy, sometimes we know our feeling is real however we use unrealistic things to discribe it, numbing is one of them :) we might say we feel ants walking all over our feet as they wake up from a silly numbness that happens for no reason ;p but it is not real! the feeling is

last but not least The Thomas crown Affair is worth watching, it is amusing :D