Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Again Saab - Fall 2008 RTW

The following are my picks from the Fall 2008 Ready To Wear, Elie Saab collection:

don’t like the extra details on the lower part gives a more bubbly look to a serious upper part!, over all dress is stylish

very cuuuuuuuute

the black added an amazing look on them

amazing color, yet the woman needs to be bold to wear this design

bold and extremely thin :)

I adore this shade of blue :) however be careful of the barrel effect in the lower dress cut ;p

I personally think it’s a good design but needs some editing, I try to publish the outfits I like as a whole ONLY, but this one had two common factors , the black lace top tight dress is a classic and will never fade, the Jacket along with the red linning is amazing

same as two comments away before this one

love the color, the fabric’s shine is amazing, design is cool too

ELEGANT, I would edit the fur/ feathers

retro chic

the color added a lot

how close this design is to the purple one in the 2008 Spring RTW?

simple design, the fabric print is amazing

simple, cute

edgy and a little summery look

love the collar, a short version of this dress would be great

cute and derives the eye away from the fullness of a body

all about the colors of the fabric, and chiffon here is the MASTER

late 70s early 80s :D not my type but it was attracting!

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BloBoz said...

I vote for Retro Chick =)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


good choice

بشارة خير لمدام المستقبل ،، ذوقك حلو بلبس النسوان

Drinks Peas and Wheeze said...

Imagine it won't be mighty convenient to drive around in a Saab wearing a Saab.

Does Elie S retail in Kuwait through a stand-alone boutique??


Kubbar said...

m3enda salfa ;p

Q80-Chill Girl said...


nope i do not know of any retail for him in Kuwait, but a lot of small shops try to make copies of his designs in Lebanon and send them back to q8


come on, you can always rely on him for an eastern conservative chic gown, its the simplicity that makes him, if you are out of ideas or without anything hip and new in ur sight, you go for Elie! maybe predictable but it will spare you the "WEI3" eshlabsa hathi ;p