Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Why can't I ?

- Post my thoughts immediately in a post and not have to log in to blogger, use the internet and type it? Why until now there is no mental link between our brains and our computers?

- Be more active, lately 8 hours at work exhaust me!

- Not e-mail Amazon to tell them about their forgotten laptop that was originally delivered to me by mistake! I can ignore this issue, yet too lazy to do so, ما ادري ليش ما يسألون عن حلالهم مليت منهم

- Focus!


Anonymous said...

You could post via email and have it saved in your outbox until you connect.

Yousef said...

YATHALMA!! LOL lail7een ilaptop 3indech!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


I did that trick earlier but i got bored of it ;p


قلعتهم ،، من قالهم يغلطون معاي

لا و ينقعوني اسبوعين على ما يفهموني و يشحنون الطلب الصحيح لوول بعدين انا شارطة عليهم ما اطرش الاسود الا لما تعطوني تكلفة الشحن ، شنو اللي يجبرني اني ادفع مرتين شحن على غلطتهم؟
القصد انهم ما يتابعون! انا اللي لازم افطنهم عن حلالهم! ايحرون بهالشغلة، المفروض يصير متابعه لحالتي الكسيفة و ما يخلوني اراكض وراهم و اللي يعافيكم اخذوا حلالكم

and in that regard, i just sent them an e-mail, lets see what the next problem solving guy will say :)

Yousef said...

ok bs deeray balich tara i7temal icharjoonich 3ala the other laptop they sent you. they have ur credit card info tara..