Friday, 18 April 2008

From here and there

Kitty Kitty ,, Hello Kitty [once it made one smile! may that smile be back inshallah]

I found it funny ;p

HK is a creation of Sanrio as said by the great wiki :D and known internationally, along with my search I found this cute game for kitty.....

however in the main site [groovy games] I found this interesting page "Scamble", which made me smile a lot and laugh at some point! The site owner wanted to have fun with the ever famous e-mail scam : I am a rich person, send me money to release my money/ inheritance/ anything else they come up with.

Katana I miss you.

Creative box ,, an other site I like to browse, I love the background music except for the interruption that sounds like a busy city or some one trying to speak through a fan.

Other creative boxes:

Office interior
Not sure what this is, a personal site/ blog
This one reminded me of Banoota"an Emirate girl, i used to visiter her blog everyday"

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