Monday, 28 April 2008

Elie Saab ,, getting the grove back

His style is still obvious in his latest couture and ready to wear, in them I think he got back on the spot, his previous collections for:





"note: the numbers of outfits liked / the displayed"

Were not so much of an attraction for me! The following are my favorites from the Fall 2008 Couture show:

Classy, simple, depends totally on the fabric

Ideal for full figured, slim or pregnant women, however one should be careful from the work on the sides, it adds volume

Too formal, yet creative!

Amazing, and if you go and zoom on the crystals attached you will notice that they are CLEAR! a very creative idea to make a piece shine.

Amazing look, do not approach if you are not SLIM, or at least have a slim waist.

Although I did not like the shine of the pink fabric, reminds me of Barbie outfits ;p still the design is pretty nice and fits almost all sizes.

Cute for petite short women, suitable for pregnant too. Reminds me of a gown by Chloe'! shape wise not details that is.

Great for slimming, yellow and silver go along perfect! although I was always with gold and yellow.

Pregnant ladies :D and full ones, since the tight piece on the right side is stretching to the beginning of the waist, giving a more slim look and alluring the look of a full lower body.

The ready to wear had a wider sellection that suited my taste...

Sweet cute retro design, very simple and hip, almost suitable for every one.

A little 30+ design, yet very chick and elegant.

Sweet casual elegance.

Cute girlie, retro in a great color combination.

Simple classic evening wear, I personally would prefer a less shiny fabric but the bling is hip and the big ribbon fixed it with its matt effect.

Retro design, the fabric made it look very elegant.

Sweet casual elegance.

Sweet, retro 80's dress, its all about the fabric print!

Im not fond of this type of "flying" shirt but this one was nice!

Seeing double! Simple evening gown, can be twisted to be a day dress, also good for almost all sizes... look down for a more evening'iee look :}

Retro again 80's simple chic.

Simple, cute dress, again the fabric print makes the look complete.

Sweet evening look, never fades away.

The one shoulder style is a lovely in this dress, compiles 80's simplicity with a futuristic print.

Again the abstract like print! I just love it, simple elegant princess style.

Same as above ;p minus the abstract.

CHIC, simple slimming dress.

AMAZING DESIGN, I would do anything to find a great taylor to do this outfit for me! if not buy it one day from Elie ;p

Creative, with a shawl like thrown chiffon piece! very elegant and young.

Bling Bling from above :) nice one.

A designer is an artist in the end, he might repeat a design every once and a while, I arranged two pieces "yellow and blue one" from the 08 RTW under each other :} they are very similar to this one in his Fall 07 CTR,, as an artist once told me if you like an idea so much you will keep repeating it over and over :)

Post getting too long :) tomorrow ,, Fall 2008 RTW again for Eli, in the up comming week I will highlight the most liked looks of 07/08 in ChillGirl land.


Swair. said...

I love you for posting these pics!

His work is amazing and the models are beyond lucky to be wearing his work!

True art :D

eshda3wa said...


i cant wain to get my hands on a couple of dresses!


3baid said...

In a grandparent's voice: "Inshallah inshoofich 3arooooos!"


FourMe said...

simply gorgeous and unbelievably artistic.. he is an extremely talented designer

MiYaFuSHi said...

My heart has officially stopped!


Q80-Chill Girl said...


uw :D
and I respect the man, he went international in no time, and even when he was in Lebanon only his work was amazing at that time around 95-96 when he was really getting famous around tha Arab world, اذكر انه برز في الشك اللي كان حيل هبه بوقتها


LOL, can't blame you!


inshallah ameen :D
*then blush* ;p

Four Me

He is! I like his work, one of the designers i have to see his work show by show!


Esmilla 3lich,, can't blame you ;p

fatto said...

لهدوم حدها اتينن .. انا احب تصاميمه حدها راقيه