Wednesday, 9 April 2008

From here and there is back

 * Thought of changing it to Excerpts this year but I missed my good old From Here and There.

** Amazon agreed to let me use the device I have for the mean time until the correct one arrives, true not a sufficient compensation, and not like many expected they did not say you can keep it when I asked on what to do with this one, they said you can return it to this address and we will refund you the shipping, but first they will have to refund me for the shipping of the correct white one, if not then this stays here :D if ur not updated with my mac/amazon ordeal then skip this ;p

*** Elections is very close, however not well organized! we will have to vote with our official nationality certificate thing!

**** Short trips soon to come.

هذه مقالتي الآولي في ماك :} و الكي بورد ما عليه عربي بس قاعده احاول كثر ما اقدر

واجهتني مشاكل مع المسنجر بس قاعده احاول احلها بنفسي ولا ربعي البلوجراويين ما يقصرون

الحسنه من تاخير جهازي اني امبدعه بالتجارب بالاسود و مو حاسة بالخوف عليه .. حلال عمك

زخم الشغل يقتل الابداع و الملجآ الوحيد هو التفكير بطرق اسهل لانجاز العمل

enjoying my new "temporary" toy :D


the.thinker said...

ألف مبرووك .. وديري بالج عليه =)

ويعطيج خيرة ويكفيج شره

Q80-Chill Girl said...

مشكور اخوي الله يبارك فيك