Saturday, 2 August 2008

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Im 28!
ever since the Iraqi invasion to Kuwait I hated celebrating my birthday and this year I had a great one with my family, like last year, only this year I totally did not expect it to be at 12am exactly and I don't know how is it that I did not feel the fishy things they did around me all the time! I'm good in surprising ppl with their b-days how can I be fooled!?

على طاري هبة مسلسل نور: منو هذا فجر اللي كل من اخترع انهم مغيرينه؟
بعد وعليا علي الممثلين وين لهم خلق يمثلون حلقات بهالعدد اللي يخرع؟ طبيعي ايتغير الممثل على الاقل واحد منهم يمل شي!؟
بعدين شكو رجال اسمه فجر؟ ما فهمت الموضوع

I still hate the fact that people here in Kuwait have an over dressed-up dress code, even when at the beach or a place where you should wear something light and comfy the high heels still live largely and make up is very acceptable of course not right at the beach but close to it.

بهالويك اند اكتشفت اني بيتوتيه
افضل القعده بالبيت على اللويه و الفراره

The afternoon nap is a dangerous habit
nap time


Purgatory said...

Nap is good, makes you chubby :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


:D and that is yet an other reason to make me hate naps, i also woke up with a crappy mood and an upset stomach :( im not a nap person

q8philic said...

"Consciousness: That annoying time between naps"
happy birthday again

B.Oz said...

Happy birthday dear..

Ow 3alah 6ary el overdressing.. Ma agoal ellah, allah ye3aynhom 3alah nafshom..

3baid said...

Il 3omor killa :)

Traveleer said...

The whole of Kuwait celebrates your birthday now. you can't top that :P

the accidental blogger said...

Afternoon chillgirl :

Have a happy one! (I mean the anniversary of your birth, of course). I have never been able to figure out why so many of us always wish the other person a happy birthday as opposed to a happy birth anniversary?!

Overdressing's fine if you live in Kuwait ( is even socially demanded sometimes); it's the underdressing which gets most people's goat here.
On afternoon snoozies don't even get me started on it - all I like to do in the afternoons is to watch Dog Day Afternoon.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Q8 philic

lol, liked the definition

Thx 4 the b-day wish :D

thank you broooo :D

yep! me say same you to them


thank you dear :D


Yep, it is publicity :D but not positive that is :p

the accidental blogger

hello there :D i like ur nickname :D

thank you for the nice wish, and ur right! but i guess people skip anniversary for short? or imagine we would have to re-live our birthday every year! :/

well i like chic people who dress nicely and who foloow fashion but not to the extreme! we should have our own personality in what we wear and bare in mind that a little goes a long way :>

naps! a habit i MUST lose, i will be back to work soon :/

are you referring to this movie?

Marzouq said...

Happy BDay, I'm not a nap person. I got into Hibernation if I'm tired enough!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


thank you dear :)

I am trying hard to take the nap off my schedule, i was a person who hibernates after a long while of being over loaded with stuff to do! now this weekend spoiled me! i hate naps!

Mr_CHoCoLaTe said...

كل عام و انتي بخير ^_^

على طاري نور ما اتابعه بس هم استغربت ليش مغيرين الممثل خخخ

و صح كلامج في صبي اسمه فجر

و هم في شي ثاني لاحظته ما ادري غلطان انا

صوت بانا اخت فجر

متغير المدبلج

اللي يتابعون اوهم اخبر هي هي

الله يعطيج العافيه

في امان الله

Q80-Chill Girl said...

مسترـ شوكالاطه

حي الله

حتى انت حاشتك عدوة اللي يتابعون

انا مثلك مجبر اخاك لا بطل! ايحطونه حزة ما نجتمع و هذا يمكن الوقت الوحيد باليوم اللي نكون فيه كلنا موجودين و راكدين نبي نسولف نقول شي

ولا الشعب امتابعين

ما اقول الا الله يعين


Mr_CHoCoLaTe said...

لا انا مو متابع انا نفسج عابر هي هي

اقعد علشان الكل قاعد هي هي