Friday, 8 August 2008

A trip down the Kuwaiti blogs lane

I decided to see the blogs around this noon, I was shocked of how the Kuwaiti blog-o-sphere changed, back in the summer of 2004 when I first started blogging it was a small community, we knew each other and the Kuwaiti blogs were very few compared to now, even with the years as more people joined it was still manageable and almost all of us respected each other and accepted the differences. 

After late 2006 a big leap happened and blogging became more famous, the spread of blogging is something nice but what I noticed with the end of 2007 and currently is the increasing number of weird blogs! meaning weird people, who I was not familiar with before, by that I include:

  • Religiously biassed
  • Politically biassed
  • Insulting others
  • Less respect to other opinions

It is a pity that we did not stay as we were, but this is the tax of publicity and nevertheless this is a slice of the Kuwaiti community, the ones who blog are in the end Kuwaitis.

On the other hand we have a brighter image, some specialized blogs emerged and some blogs that spread useful information, private businesses, also magazines joined the league and some shops too!

Conclusion, if there is a plus! there is definitely a minus, we chose to see either and we also encourage either of them to grow bigger....

خارج الموضوع

الصوره اعلاه لمذيعة بتلفزيون الكويت و انا هاقيه انها كويتيه؟! و غير مكياجها و لبسها و الشعر اسم البرنامج اعتقد ساعة الضحى او شي جذيه المهم انه بحزة الضحى

شنو علاقة الضحى بلبس و مكياج المذيعة؟ 

مو المفروض الضحى يكون الشخص ابسط من جذيه؟ بس شنقول الناس اذواق و الله يرحم ايام امينة الشراح و دولت شوقي و ماما انيسه! و من بعد حصة الملا ما شفت غير ناديه صقر "و لها عرات" و ايمان نجم "هم لها عرات" بس على الاقل هالثنتين مقتدرين اعلاميا، بغيت انسى نيرفانا ادريس اللي لو الحين نشوف لها برنامج قديم اعتقد شكلها ماراح يكون يخرع لانها بسيطه و شكلها و مكياجها مو مبالغ فيه بس منو يفهم ان
less is more?


Purgatory said...

مين الأسد ده!!! يا ماما

iDip said...

I agree with what you said concerning the [then] new blogs. They're now considered 'established' blogs with a considerable number of readers.

If I may add one criterion..... Dogmatic!

Happy belated Birthday & Blogiversary :)

Loolykinns said...

جيّك على الخدود شلون وارمه!! جنها توها قاعجه من النوم =P

bo_sale7 said...

كلام سليم وانا لاحظته من مدة

ويا حلو امينة الشراح ...صج براطمها ما كانو عاجبيني بس تهون جدام ثورة الكولاجين اللي نشوفها كل يوم !

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many new bloggers know the word, "الضحى"? XD

brown-suger said...

most of kuwaiti girls may3arfoon the time/place for heavey make up like that.. :p but maybe 3yonha warmaa or she didnt sleep :P

brown-suger said...

ee.. about the blogs... i do know the people now can't accept someone's opinion bro7 reya'6eya.. yi6la3lik anonymous oo esafil feek.. just like that.. :S weird

Q80-Chill Girl said...


i honestly dont even know her name, nor bother to do so


I agree with the dogmatic thing, very true.

annnnnnd thank you :D big time for the b-day greeting and blogiversary


its not only lkhdood dear :D its everything!


collagen, botox, celicon and more!

but the amazing thing is, they still manage to look UGLY without using the above stated and by only relying on makeup !!


lol, do u think so? I feel that its a common word, isnt it?


true, time VS external look is totally lost here! its all about full make up and over dressing all day long!

the anonymous thing is an other issue, if you are not courageous to say something why say it? let aside the multiple personalities/ blogs/ nicknames! this is an other issue I hate

lawyer said...

مشكله من كثر ما ان التتفخ غلط
مكان ينتفخ و مكان لأ

الويه ياي على كتر!

Mr_CHoCoLaTe said...

جان زين عرفت عالم البلوق من زمان

لان بدايتي كانت بالمنتديات اللي ضيعت مواضيعي بسبب تغيير السيرفر و جذي

لكن للأسف و كلمه تنقال و لحد يزعل

في ناس ادش عالم البلوق و تكرر نفس نمط الاشخاص الثانيين

سواء من ناحية شنو سويت اليوم و جذي

و الاشياء اليوميه اللي يسجلونها

حسبالهم بس هذا التدوين

احنه ودنا نشوف ناس مبدعين و نشوف افكار يديده

و ان شاءالله ما ينزل مستوى البلوق و يرتفع

نصيحه : لا تعورين راسج بملاقة تلفزيون الكويت هي هي


what's in thy name? said...

" If you are not courageous to say it why say it ? "

Chill : I disagree with you on that. Every dog must have his day - a coward too gets to have his say. Blogging would lose its charm if you took away the anonymity aspect from it. Several blogs thrive precisely, because the writer chooses to stay anonymous. By allowing one to be a man today a woman tomorrow or a eunuch the day after, blogs give much needed carte blanche to free wheeling dialogue to happen between opposite camps ultimately, leading to an enrichment of human capital.
Proud to be 'an ever changing nick'

Q80-Chill Girl said...



و المشكله ماندري انتفاخ طبيعي ولا صناعي؟


انا هاجره تلفزيون الكويت من دهر بس القراده و ماتسوي يا وخيي

و على المنتديات ذكرتني بالايام الخوالي و خليتني افكر ادور مقالاتي القديمه :> ايام النبراس

Ever changing nick :p

What I meant dear anonymous with an ever changing nickname :D is sticking to ur blogging identity at least, we are here anonymous already behind our nicknames, but for some to go as far as going anonymous on their anonymously made up nickname? :D its a bit overboard for me, what i wanted with that is at least for a person to have ONE personality, behind a nickname behind a real name it doesn't matter :) i just want ppl to be who they are

Q80-Chill Girl said...


نسيت اعلق على موضوع البلوقات و مستواها

ماعندي مشكله باللي يسجل حياته اليوميه و يعتبر البلوق مذكرات الكترونيه، و يمكن يكون انسان مبدع بطبيعته و يدون لنا يوم عادي بس نشوف منه الكثير اللي نقدر نستفيد منه او يقدر يمتعنا، و هذا ما يمنع اني احب انتشار البلوقات اللي فيها ابداع و شغل و الهام للكل لان هالشي بالنهايه يزيدنا فخر ككويتيين ان شبابنا ايبدع باي مجال كان

فوتو شوب

اللي يضايقني اللي يبي يكون شخص ثاني و اللي يتحامل على غيره بس لانهم غير عنه و ما يتقبل انه يسمع الغير ولا يقرا لهم

Marzouq said...

The blog-o-sphere has emerged with some interesting blogs, a few of them aren't coherent and they give me headache when I try to read them. And it seems a lot of it is online bickering but still some really good ones came out and enjoying seeing the quality. Hopefully more good ones will come out.

Mr_CHoCoLaTe said...

صح ترى تدوين المذكرات اليوميه

وايد يفيدني و يفيد غيري

لان يعلمني اماكن يديده بالكويت

و يعطيني آراء اشخاص بمنتج معين مثلاً

و مرات ياخذونه برحله بيومهم هذا

ان شاءالله نشوف شي يديد و تنافس احلى

باي باي

Q80-Chill Girl said...


me hope same you hope

مستر شوكلاطه

انت بتأول حاجات صحيحه

و عن المذكرات اليوميه، ساعات اكتب بوستات علشان اوثق مواقع او مواضيع تهمني علشان ارجع لها :> و بلوقي جزْ من يومي

دريت بهالشي لما صار عندي حالة "راح اكتب عن هالموقف بالبلوق" و من هنا يا اخي العزيز علمت بأني ادمنت هذا العنوان الالكتروني التخيلي الذي اسموه مدونه

اليوم حيل مزاجي عربي و صايره اتفلسلف واجد :> لول لول

,, اقلدك