Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Le Devorce (2003) - MBC4

After a long day for some reason I had the urge to cook! So I made me some macaroni with vegetables, olives and sun dried tomatoes, the result was not so pleasant but I liked the veggies next time will cook them alone, no need for the macaroni.

It was 10.30 I was done eating, I shuffled around the channels to find the latest hip and craze “Noor” show on MBC.4 so I tuned in for the heck of it, when it approached 11 I realized that I need to do something just before the Le Divorce starts. I tuned in a few minutes after the movie began, didn’t miss much.

Over all the movie was nice, it’s an old one, produced in 2003 but a nice one :) worth watching too, with the end of this movie my day should have ended but again! After a long day I found it difficult to sleep.

Which made me think, in the movie Kate Hudson “Isabel Walker” gets into a relationship where she is the temporary second woman in an older/ married man’s life, reminded me of my Airport story, and made me wonder, why did she went through this?

In the movie she had hoped that love will make it and he would have her as his life mate, not officially but at least in front of people who matter for them! He didn’t and obviously didn’t intend to, she was a beautiful cake that he enjoyed eating a slice from, and she knew it but was in denial.

Is love worth being sabotaged with the impossible?

I believe that love is a part of us, we make it happen, and it breeds on our feelings, without two it will not exist! And weather this love survives or not and gets an actual interpretation via social and personal bonds or not, the LOVE one feels is priceless, and a feeling I think no one should ever regret, even if it dies or was unfortunatly expressed with the wrong person. But why do women all the time get into impossible relationships? Instant border-free love is an exception for me, where people fall into it and cannot resist it, yet it is not fully guaranteed to last, nothing is in this life! But sometimes a he and a she go the distance to make their dream come true, I respect that very much.

What I wonder about is reasonable very mature women/ men who get into the situation where they know it will lead to a dead end, and one/ both of them are not willing to make a new ending that defies the dying one! ?

Is it the craving for love for the sake of love? or love for the sake of who made us feel love?

If we found a special someone, then love is worth the fight, isn’t it? That fight between what we want and what we can have is defined by the strength of our personalities and our believe in love. What I wonder about is : where is the mind in all of this? Why can’t we rule our hearts with our minds? Why didn’t Kate realize that to him she was a short amusement, and he was for her a crush that will leave a stain in her heart. As for love for the sake of it, it's another dilemma one enters with the risk of breaking people's hearts.


Traveleer said...

I saw the end of the movie last night when i was flipping through channels and I didn't get what it was all about.

your post is making me wonder about my own relations, past and present hmmmmmm. I have always fell into temptation, then my mind takes over when my curiousity is satisfied.

Purgatory said...

There you go mentioning Noor again ;p

And you couldn't find Love Actually on TV ?

Q80-Chill Girl said...


This is exactly what I meant, we always fall into temptations then think about them later on and reconsider our situation when we see a rock on the road that there are no efficient feelings are there to remove it!



حطيت ايدك على الجرح

اعتقد اني احتاج جرعة من

Love Actually

its been a while since I last seen it, i love this movie!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


dont ask! lol i came very tired from work and i cant concentrate

Anonymous said...

Dis is whut kitty saiz

Q80-Chill Girl said...



thx for the laugh :p

Disturbed Stranger said...

I've seen that movie a while back.
I don't like defining the term love... but I do believe in fighting for someone and making it possible.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Disturbed Stranger

I agree with you, love is every where and has no fixed form hence no definition will suit it, as for the fight for love! i think its THE ONLY fight any one should not hesitate to go through :)