Wednesday, 6 August 2008


Written originally Tuesday 5.8.08

Lately random fussy posts "like my life nowadays" is the closest to my heart when it comes to blogging, so don't worry if I don't make much sense, since I'm not sure of the following content

French is the next language on the list, currently trying to figure it out, its fun so far but learning at my age is not as smooth as it used to be, mentally I am the same but handling work, social life and studying is NOT easy, I now appreciate those who work and study more than I used to :)

In this birthday anniversary I was surprised the most and happy with those surprises. Age is just a number for me I believe that age is judged by what you experienced in life and how big is your brain, I never thought of how old I am until in a class I stumbled upon someone who is 19, I realized that I'm approaching 30 but still have the same spirit and love to smile, at that moment I was happy and very thankful for what I have and how I am, sure I want to turn the clock back to take one thing back BUT if that event was not there in my life I wouldn't be the exact same me :D

There is a "Women's Fiction" section in Amazon's Audio books section :/ I demand a definition of Women's Fiction! now there is Women's fiction? and how come there is no Men's fiction section? :/

- A day later this was written -

The only obvious solution to my time miss-management is to get my self to restrict to a schedule. I hate it but it seems the only solution, being predictable or too organized is a terrible thing for me!

I think I will spend this day reading and be offline for a while, after the next post :)


Traveleer said...

Danielle steele's novels are usually women's fiction, the type that talks about 2 people being in love then they get estranged..then they come together again :P. You can also add the Turkish series "Nour" to women's fiction hehehe

Q80-Chill Girl said...



Nour! the name is giving me an itch!