Tuesday, 28 October 2008

A new story by me, Yay or Nay?

Think out of the box

Once in a world out there, very far from ours yet merely similar. He was a Partunot a creature that looked very much like a human being except for his noticeably short hands, Relock was a very smart Partunot, he is active and almost knows every thing, eager to science and knowledge. Even among the Partunots he was a simple person, not too known nor unknown, similarly not too rich nor too poor. He believed in him self and his mind, books were his closest friends as he closed up on the other Patrunots and thought that little of them understood him, mostly elder Patrunots were more attracting to him.

Once Relock was walking around the magical garden of Partunotia, where greenness grasped the essence of life, everything around was happy and living simple, accompanied by a book he decided to rest. After an hour or two an olt Patrunot passes by…

Old Patrunot: You! *with a grumpy face*
What are you doing?

Relock: Reading!
Old Patrunot: I know and I know you Relock son of Hardem! I’m asking you what are you doing with this book?

Relock: I’m reading it? *in a sarcastic way*

Old Patrunot: You will never think out of the box!

Relock: Mister, I do not know who are you? Nor understand why are you so angry and aggressive?!

Old Patrunot: I am Persum, the one you hold a book for!

Relock: YOU! I read all your books and loved yo…

As Relock stood up Persum told him to stop talking!

Persum: Young Relock, you are living in your world, and know very well and much of the world outside your house, I am aware of that, but you still did not know this world well and the books will not lead you to experience, getting out of your box will!

Relock was silent and did not know how to reply to old Persum. Eventually he left Relock puzzled. Relock kept looking at the old Partunot called Persum whith a lot of questions….

Why me?
Why does he think that he knows me?
Does he think I cannot understand our world with knowledge?


Now that you read this far, would you be interested to read more of this story?

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Fashionista said...

i like :)

tara i voted yes to the poll but it doesn't seem to be responding

Q80-Chill Girl said...


thank you, and i dont know what is wring with the poll but it took two votes, give it an other try if it doesnt work then i will count ur voice in yes :D

thank you very much

q8philic said...


of course keep going

while reading the story i imagined the Partunots as patapon characters with funny accent and crazy Attitude surrounded by huge funny trees (just like the game) :)

Purgatory said...

hmmm sounds like something I read in my odd books.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


:D lol exactly I had them in mind while imagining my Relock :p the Patrunot



lol, Patrunots? no way those are my invented nation, but yes its very close to some of the stuff you read

EXzombie said...

and when do I show up in the story....?!

Q80-Chill Girl said...



:D well if you take the extra step and look deeper, you will find your self and everyone there, in the end what i say is a reflection of our reality, one way or another

Someday said...

yeah! mee wanna know!!