Thursday, 14 May 2009

AKS - عكس

AKS is a group of independent Kuwaiti film makers, lovely talents gathered in a rather odd name that stands up to get your attention, the small 3 letter word provoked my curiosity of why AKS in particular, yet I never thought of asking them why AKS, sometimes the charm in leaving some blanks here and there is enjoyable.

From the documentary Occupation 101 I knew about Cinemagics and since then started attending the screenings they hold, when ever I can, I must say it has been and is a great joy! In the future I will write more about it to promote such an amazing opportunity to see the art of movie making from all over the world and not only from Hollywood.

Last Saturday was a very special screening night, 4 Kuwaiti short movies were screened, it was an enjoyable evening and event, here goes my review of the 4 movies:

  1. The Sniper - القناص : by Dawood Shuail
It's the shortest in run time, yet enjoyable, the story revolves around a sniper caught in a cat and mouse chaise, and it reminded me of "Enemy at the Gates" it was a very simple movie, it can be elaborated more I wished for it to be longer, but المخرج عاوز كده :) and I totally respect that and enjoyed the movie.

  1. Hosha - هوشة : by Faisal Al-Duwaisan
Fisal Al-Duwaisan is a pro in photography I have seen his work in P2BK, and in many scattered places around the net. In Hosha the cinematography is amazing, you will be stunned of the level of professionalism and well use of light and technology! The trailer says a lot about that. The story is simple and touching, also an enjoyable movie.

  1. Just Human - مجرد إنسان : by Omar Al-Masab
It's more like a preview of what is next in Omar Al-Masab trilogy of a trip to explore the human being, its a simple animated movie, all what you see is simple black and white sketches, a perfect color combination that diverts the attention to the ideas displayed, no distractions what so ever. My full judgment will complete when the trilogy does too, but I can say that I have high hopes in whats next. Me likey.

  1. Banana - موز : by Meqdad Al-Kout
Is probably the longest in run time. The trailer is very simple compared to how complex the movie is and how controversial it was in the reviews from Kuwait and from the interview with the director in an Egyptian magazine. The performance of Nizar Al-Qandi, the hidden humble actor/artist with many talents, is very impressive, he played a part that took out a lot of his potentials out loud, and yes he can make you hate him, sympathize with him and not just laugh with him. Although its a short movie but it has a lot of depth in it, idea wise, symbolism was strongly used in it and many messages were sent with in the movie. Yes it's not easy for our community to accept such a movie but on the other hand he does display a lot of matters that are kept at the end in our list of interests! In the time with the consistent need for us to shed light on them instead of hiding them. I certainly enjoyed the movie very much.

About the controversy made by Banana I say that movies send a message! Some might say that when actors / directors describe their work as messages to the community, they really don't mean it! But I say yes most of them do, and Al-Kout certainly does! Art can make us think and provoke our community. We are human, we will never be prone to anything in this universe, one day we are very happy and every thing is clear, but what the next day hides is unknown and it can carry many contradictions to the one proceeding it! Opening up and discussing our problems, finding solutions is far more better than keeping them hidden, hiding will one day turn them into a tumor that will eat us up. The movie is not suitable for young people and is a wake up call to discuss rather than hide the problems any man or woman can face when confronting their sexual identity and needs, and some people among us and around us face that confusion and may get lost in the process of surrendering to the idea of tabooing any thing related to sexuality.

Last but not least, the above 4 movies participated in the Gulf Film Festival held recently in Dubai, it is worth noting that there are other Kuwaiti (co-Kuwaiti) movies that participated in the festival and the winners from Kuwait are:

- Amer Alzuhair
Special Jury Prize
Official Competition Documentary

- Meqdad Al Kout
Special Jury Prize
Official Competition Short

- Omar Al-Masab
Special Mention

P.S: Pictures taken from "AKS" Facebook group.


Marzouq said...

There is honestly a huge amount of potential in Kuwait for these amazingly talented people! I hope they get the support and succeed!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

I do hope they get a lot of support, they need it from every one, the previous Kuwaiti trials to make long films were not promising as much as those short movies

NodNoubt said...

hayyy their , how are u

well , i still not see those movie , but i would like 2 , it's seems interesting and it's great to have talented young Kuwaitis