Tuesday, 2 March 2010

61 : Top gear


This morning I got this unexpected lovely gift :> I knew about TopGear from my brother a while ago, since then I have been a semi-addict to the show, since I don't have much TV time, I see it when ever its on, but every episode is a JOY! Now Jeremy Clarkson, a presenter in TopGear caught my attention immediately from the first episode I saw, Why? Because I thought he was just a presenter, a man who will see a car as a toy and show off by standing beside it, not knowing his history, that was the first thought I had. Little did I know that this man KNOWS all about cars! I was impressed by the way he drives, handles tight and narrow turns at high speeds, his driving made me pay good attention to the show and what he said. When I closed my jaw I realized that this was not an ordinary car show, not the usual car show-off shows :] where the car is a princess gliding on the road with a weird voice in the background praising it non stop. TopGear is a show to talk about CARS, whats in them, whats not, how and where to use them, what is the optimum usage for each and nevertheless there is a lot of room for impressive car, expensive/ unique pieces of art :)


ba6alah said...

I love that show :]

Q80-Chill Girl said...

it is a good one :D