Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The box

Poster from Reelmovienews

The box is an amazing mystery drama thriller movie. The story revolves around a couple who receive an anonymous box and if they pushed the button inside the box two things will happen; someone they do not know in this world, will die & they will be granted the amount of 1 million dollar.

Arlington Steward was my favorite character, Played by Frank Langella who did a GREAT job in this movie, he is the best character in my opinion I admire the fact that with the box every thing we are made of "morals, believes,, etc" is put against a test. A movie that made me think twice about everything around me, how much am I connected with every human being in this world, how sometimes being sorry is not enough and how ugly our choices can be, even if once they seemed to be good. The movie left me sad, upset and held a mirror in front of my face : How much can money seduce people?

Rating: 5/5


Me Talk Straight One Day said...

"...how sometimes being or saying sorry is not good enough."

Touche. You've touched a chord there.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Copy cat :p
If you see the movie, you will feel this, especially in the scene where Cameron says to mr. Steward that when she saw him she felt love! the conversation took place after she realized she did wrong, he sympathized with her and knew she was honest, but could not skip the penalty for her already done act

the original copy cat said...

When a film such as The Box is able to get thinking audiences to think out of the box, is when the film maker knows his craft has come a full circle.
I got that feeling watching, " Before Sunrise" and " Before Sunset".

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Wrote them on my "2 b seen" list :> thx