Wednesday, 17 March 2010

76 : Banana Republic

I simply love Banana Republic, for every day casual and sometimes a bit chic clothing, BR is a must in every shopping spree :> The picture is for a blue clutch I got from there around 2-3 years ago?! an envelope small blue clutch which I fell in love with instantly :] I realized today when I took it out to use it, that there are a few stains on it :/ don't recall from where or when, pitty it will retire soon if I can not clean it.

What made me take a picture of it is that as I was taking my things out from my daily over-sized :p bag to fit what I need of them in it. I noticed how we can get rid of a lot of things which we think we need all the time. My clutch won't contain more than [car key - house key - atm card - driving license - cash if any] and MAYBE just maybe a lipstick/ gloss if I'm attending a wedding or something formal. Then I recalled "up in the air" and how after this movie I started re-evaluating the people/ things in my life :>

Between what do we need and what do we want, we draw our own personalities.

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