Sunday, 14 March 2010

73 : What do you want to see?

Experimenting with water I came across OGO water, it is rich with Oxygen :] not sure about the health benefits of that, but it tasted nice. Liked the website theme & music.

The above picture is of the bottle which has a cool spherical shape, by the reflection of the text you certainly know its liquid, part of the ingredients tell you that it has Agua = Aqua = Water, Yet what I deliberately added is the background. For a split of a second I though about, what really things are and how we WANT to see them, even when there are external factors changing the real view of something, we have a choice to seek for the real thing or fall into the illusion of what we want to think it is. Which instantly got related with a message I got a few days ago....

حينما يتعمد الاخرين فهمك بـطريقه خاطئه لا ترهق نفسك بـالتبرير ~ فقط ادر ظهرك و أستمتع بالحياة :)

When others deliberately, misunderstand you, do not tire your self justifying ~ Just turn your back and enjoy life :)


ba6alah said...

"eydoor thahra o yestamte3 bel 7ayat"

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