Thursday, 11 November 2010

315 : بسكوت و شاي

هابة هاليومين بالبسكوت و الشاي! مادري ليش
و ما ينفع شغل التغمس و سوالف الانجليز و الذرابة كل بسكوته بروح، لاء لازم يصير البسكوت كله بالقلاص و فيه الشاي و اكله بالقفشة


Patrick Semaan said...

Love to dip biscuits in tea / lates! But I don't like it when you finish the drink and they are TONS of crumbles at the bottom of the cup...

battysabstractpalette said...

haha!! cute! ee sh7alata el biscuit fully dipped in tea!! aah I miss my Kuwait and our beautiful habits! Darabeels and all, they dont have darabeels here, I'm going to start my darabeel search!

Q80-ChillGirl said...

Yeah hate them! like terkish coffee residue thingie :// eww

Darabeel is an other story! they are my winter beloved milk companion! Love alramlawi ones & Rahash ones, pity I don't know where Rahash shop went ://