Saturday, 13 November 2010

317 : HORROR

Today and out of my plan, we went to the Perfumes & Makeup exhibition. This is a snapshot of the  Hanan Dashti booth, with all do respect to her & her clients but this is not makeup the way I know it, this is creating another face faking all the woman's feature, its closer to make up we see in horror movies, where a human being is turned into a different creature or what ever! To someone that does not look like who they are in real life!

The idea of makeup is to enhance, color and beautify your features NOT create new ones, if your so unsatisfied with your looks go do a surgery. I do believe in freedom of looking the way you want, but I do not think its reasonable to look like someone else other than who you are.


MBH said...

She makes freaks out of girls!

Seriously! Who in their right mind would be happy with witch-like makeup?!?!?


battysabstractpalette said...

haha the title is hilarious!

Q80-ChillGirl said...

LOL, You'd be surprised of how many like it

I did my best to give it its worth of the feelings it gave me when I layed my eyes on the booth LOL

Anonymous said...

sweety, the only thing tthats horror is your face

Q80-ChillGirl said...


I have criticized this way of makeup, not the person behind it :} I was subjective, you were personal, hence we are worlds apart and the discussion is meaningless.

MBH said...

Oh look, an idiot is sending insults from behind an anonymous account like a coward!

If you had any manners, you'd do it with your actual account.