Sunday, 21 November 2010

325 : Traffic-Fine!

Got a ticket today :/ was out from work and of all people that could be beside me on the road a police office came close! the moment I picked up the phone lol, so I ended my call quickly hoping he'll pass it! But he didn't :p

So the good officer lit up the lights spoke to me on the speaker to park on the right, gave me the yellow thingie up there. I was oddly scared! Don't know why, but then again got a little kick of anger due to the way he spoke to me, kept calm as much as I could, and went by on my way. I admit it wasn't nice to get the ticket, BUT I had the hope he does apply the law properly on everyone! So am cool with you Mr. Shur6i you did your job, as long as you DO IT all the time :>

Handsfree in car from now on

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