Tuesday, 16 November 2010

320 : You are what you eat

Went to get some sweets from Rahash that was in Kuwaiti city near Dar Alawadhi but they moved god knows when, so decided to call sweets shop form home delivery & we went to take a quick bite from the baking tray. From there I too this picture for their slogan, and it is very true. The baking tray of the few places in Kuwait that I can really say they serve really FRESH food, with the highest quality. Heard about it a while ago and every time I try to go there I find a problem with the parking, today I didn't :p so we went in took our food to go, and boy was it GOOD, best sandwiches ever, really fresh and delicious :>

highly recommended ,, go for it


Babble said...

I love the baking tray! It's amazing!

D@Victus said...

Q80-ChillGirl: Thank you for the post, for a first-timer what did you have? As for the parking, there's always plenty of parking behind the building, or on the side near our outdoor area ;)

Babble: Thank you! What's your favorite dish at Baking Tray?

Q80-ChillGirl said...

It is :> very yummu!

Hello :D ur most welcome :> the parking behind was a fuss for me I spoil my car :p dont like to go on rough roads nor near the Dasman very messy parking :p

We tried :>
- steak sandwich : 5/5
- chicken avocado : 4/5
- the square tiny pizza with baby tomatoes? : 5/5

and might visit ur outdoor area soon :} great food! ya36eekom el3afiyah