Monday, 21 February 2011


Went to the Avenues mall to day to see the FREE KUWAIT expo, check out the following flyer

Pic from yfrog - via @Alshaihana

The expo ended Sunday, but what happened there froze me, seeing the pictures of Kuwaitis rioting and communicating with and in front of the whole world to FREE Kuwait, was overwhelming. I had to be really strong and hold up my tears, the picture of a Kuwaiti killed by Iraqi solders took me back 20 years. I can't get over it. It hurts.

Yet, the fact that I was looking at those pictures in a mall, 20 years back, with Kuwait being so beautiful, of all the flaws around (politically, socially ,,, etc.) I still see Kuwait as the most amazing country. I love Kuwait, and it shall remain FREE at all times :}

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