Thursday, 17 February 2011

Pecha Kucha Night #7 - The event review

Arrived before 7.30pm luckily friends took an awesome spot, right in the middle of the screen, they oddly started late :// hmm but as per the people who attended the last one *which I didnt :<* they started 30 minutes after the scheduled time,

Here is the lovely Dr.Assel Alragam's head *if you can see it interrupting the screen*, she was welcoming us to the event, of course you can't see her :p I deliberately used the low ISO thingie to only focus on the screen & the people faces picture copy right or authorization thingie,, you know? well lets get down to business! Tidbits from the presentations:

Najiba Maarafi
A photographer, presentation was about various pictures she took, they were mostly about and from all around Kuwait, I liked some of the pictures but the presenter did not present them well! there was no link between the pictures and no proper introduction of each, she could have done better, but I also bare in mind that it could be her first time on stage.

Haider Al- Mosawi
He presented interesting material about the customer service/experience what should business owners do, and to be honest to consumers to attract more, he gave tips like : let go of misleading ADs - get away from suing customers who write negatively about you "like Mark's Benihana issue". All in all I liked the presentation, the presenter was a bit slow at sometimes :p but the flow of information was not effected.

Mohammad Al-Dhubaib
The co-owner of MELENZANÈ! The presenter was a bit shaky & got lost in the choice of language, ended up speaking in Arabic which was really fine if he kept it but he tried to be fair with the audience I guess :} the pictures of food were amazing us & the people around us were overwhelmed with them :p the story of how they started this business is cool, two young Kuwaiti guys who had passion for food, Italian and Sicilian to be more exact, learned it there & brought it here to Kuwait, the presenter did not speak all about the experience in detail, but was very nice to see a Kuwaiti chef talk about his passion.

Ola Al-Refai
She spoke about the western misconceptions about Islam, I don't want to be hard on her BUT the presentation material is great & very rich, a very crucial issue to be honest, but she was reading from a paper which really did not attract me very much to the presentation, with a steady tone, it felt very systematic, I hoped for more enthusiasm :}

Dr. Abdulazeez Aldoweisan
This presentation was by far the worse in terms of the template and it was made in a very traditional way that bored me in the beginning, NONETHELESS! The issue he spoke about is not a joke & really broke my heart, a very crucial and vital issue to be aware of and about, that's why I will elaborate on this one....

The Kuwait Child’s Rights Society (KCRS) was founded not very long ago, I for one did not think we had child abuse, but Dr. Aldoweisan's proved me VERY wrong, he spoke about scary statistics and given many proofs of child abuse cases & how many were NOT reported, for various reasons. The story that really tore my heart and he ended his presentation with is about a 16 year old boy who was abused by a family member and when he tried to tell his mother she hit him, his father wasn't of help either, at school the complain ended in giving him suspension, in the end he hung him self on his house's front door, after two years of suffering, he left his family a note telling them that he wants them to remember him & what they did whenever they entered the house. I couldn't write full details of the story it is really painful, in the end I am very happy the society is formed, every one can volunteer and help. I thank Dr. Aldoweisan very much for enlightening us and letting every one know about this noble society. It touched me very much, and totally forgot my critical picky nature about how the presentation/presenter should be, the subject is very crucial and if I find more information about it I will defiantly spread it.

Paloma Garcia "I hope I spelled the name correctly"
From Elevation burger - where ingredients matter, the picture says it all, looks yummy! The restaurant will be open in the Avenues phase 2, what makes it special is that they are an organic beef burger restaurant and even their fries are cooked with olive oil and freshly made, personally I will give it a try someday :}

Bader Al-Bassam
A funny photographer, who won over the low resolution and bad lighting with his sense of humor :} I loved the picture above I hoped I could snap it before the 20 seconds ended, I chose it instead of the 1st slide because it caught my attention! His photography was really amazing, he likes to picture body parts and some of the pictures were really amazing, also he focused on the black & white balance, though most of his pictures lacked colors YET he managed to bring them to life. Bravo on his photography and how he made us laugh along at the low resolution of the display, a good presenter who really made the best of the difficulties that faced him.

Njwa & Nada Maarafi
Two sisters who documented the Hajj journey, the idea is wonderful, the execution and presentation not so good unfortunatly, they could have done it better in terms of information flow and presentation material :/ I don't have much to add, but to really hope they improve their work because the idea is really nice, showing what Hajj is to the whole world from a person's prospective is a good idea.

Monira Al Qadiri
A very funny and impressive artist, she is funny in a very odd quiet way, calm and gets to you with her actions or art. A Kuwaiti girl with an interesting life, she was born in Senegal and lived in Japan for a long while (I think 10 years or so) and studied art there, continued to get her PHD, really wish her all the best. Her work varies between, Animation, Short movies, photography, painting, and all you can think of in art! What's really impressive about her work is that she merges middle east with far east, you can see the obvious Japanese effect YET also see the Arabic hint. Really loved her work and her as a person, was easy going and very bubbly although she wanted to be serious :p but as her work, she brought a smile even when serious.

Dr. William Schuilenberg
From Soor Center, I'm trying to gather up what he said but the only thing I could mark up is a mini trial to do a live experiment with the crowd to explain a psychological case that can happen to anyone. Regardless of the presentation I thought that he could have made material to really illustrate his work, and making the audience participate in his presentation was a very nice touch but not well used!

Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa
His presentation was very nice and well prepared for, a lot of great ideas displayed. He started it off with illustrating the relation between art and religion, starting from the pharaonic period till the current time, how religions used language and art in them along the years of human existence. He is the creator of the Islamic superheroes comic the 99, really liked the whole story about why and how he created it :} a very creative man with an idea to bridge the gap between the east and west, to be more specific the Islamic civilization and the western world, and how Islam can tolerate the Animation and creativity, how animation and art can serve Islam in a good positive way and also create Islamic-influenced icons for the kids. Really enjoyed it and was a good ending for a lovely evening

PHEWWWWWWW post done! been on it since 9pm!


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