Sunday, 13 February 2011

The power of twitter!

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Twitter did not only steal me from my blog, but from my family and the TV! I'm there and thinking of linking it to my blog on the side bar at least :}

It became the source of up-to-date information, and its availability on the mobile at all times, made it even more likable! You can send a message to the world at ANYTIME while being ANYWHERE, skipping the blog editing time/content search, with a limit of 140 characters you HAVE to get your point through, brainstorming your ideas into a line or two is amazing. I have learned a lot from it. Yes it might occasional turn into a debate/chat, but this is part of the internet interaction, similar to having comments and replying to those comments might go back & forth. However it wins with the time factor, if two users are there and tweet the communication is more efficient.

Unlike the TV where you have to be present in front of it, or a newspaper you have to go through all of it, or a debate with the family which has to be present in the same place at once, Twitter raised the communication ease bar! Communication is simpler, and due to the fact that it is Micro-blogging, I immediately fell in love with it! There is a HUGE love affair between me & blogging.

You simply follow the ones who interest you, and the ones who don't :} the ones who agree with you and the ones who don't. I think that to be fair and just, to form a fair opinion, follow both sides of the discussion, weather you like them or not, keep an open mind & chill :} "I tweeted that :p it was the seed of this post!"

Analyzing people, or now as they say tweeps, through who you follow is very UNFAIR, because you might follow people you might not agree with, but are very interesting & have something to say, not approving ones opinion does not lower the importance of what they have to say & VS, liking someone or agreeing with them does not mean they will ALWAYS think/say what you approve of! Therefore, the solution is to be open minded, take things as simple as they are and open up to the world ... TWEET :}

Moving to the title, not only Twitter but also the social media as a whole, the huge Facebook that is rowing by the day! and now Twitter, are playing a HUGE role in communication, the recent Egypt 25th of January revolution proved it on real ground. Speaking of which Wael Ghonim is on twitter, a person worth reading for.

p.s.: I missed writing

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