Saturday, 8 October 2011

Sami Mohammad - سامي محمد

اعتذر عن التاخر في كتابة البوست عن معرض الفنان الكويتي سامي محمد في غاليري تلال لكن المعرض مستمر حتى ال١٣ من الشهر الجاري ،، و لي بوست آخر بعد ما ازور هالمعرض بتكلم فيه عن سامي محمد الفنان الكويتي اللي شدني بنحته

I am very sorry for the delay in writing this post about the exhibition for the Kuwaiti artist Sami Mohammad held in Gallery Telal , its still ongoing and will end at the 13th of this month ,, Will have another post about it once I visit it and I will talk more about Sami Mohammed the Kuwaiti artist that attracted me with his sculptures 

Dates                                         :  2nd – 13th October 2011
Name of the Exhibition          :  Sami Mohammad Exhibition
Sami Mohammad remains faithful to the subject of “Humanity”. The human tragedy, human suffering and suppression and man’s quest for freedom, love and peace.  Although the subject has been used before Sami Mohammad made a conscious rebirth and interpretation of the topic.  His ability to tell the history of many nations around the world in wordless sculptures is commendable.

This exhibition unifies mankind recognizing man’s basic need, freedom.  His artwork roars with “Rage of Pride” demanding the elimination of the aggressor and restoration of man’s free will!

Kuwaiti Artist Sami Mohammad (art creativity), born in 1943 in a region east of Kuwait. He studied sculpture at the Fine Arts College in 1970, and obtained an honoring diploma from Cannes Sur La Mer in France in 1970. He is one of the founders of the Kuwaiti Association for Formative Arts established in 1967. He obtained several local and international awards, and was charged by the National Council for Culture, Arts and Literature with designing the encouraging state award in 1993 and designing and creating the honoring state award and medal in 2000.

He was granted the encouraging state award in 1999 by the National Council for Culture, Arts and Literature, and obtained a honoring and financial award at Tehran International Biennaial  for the year 2001, and executed a field project about the Kuwaiti woman in 2001.

A Landmark in the Kuwaiti Formative Art Movement. from Gallery Tilal website

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