Monday, 17 October 2011

Sami Mohammed the artist, the art!

I went to Sami Mohammad art exhibition, and found the most amazing surprise Sami Mohammad himself, had the most enlightening and easy conversation ever! A true artist, down to earth and eager to let everyone know about his art and what it means.....

This sculpture has a strong message written on it that explains Sami Mohammad's art, "freedom for those who have NO voice". He said, I paint from our reality, I sculpt our suffering, the human being in this region "the Arabic world/ middle east" is SUFFERING , Bronze is a metal that stays for hundreds of years, that is the age Sami Mohammad wants his art to live for if not more. Even if we vanish, this art will stay to tell our story and show how human beings have suffered, as he said to me.  We suffered in the Invasion didn't we?! He asked me strongly when I was a bit calm when I accepted his information about "why pain?" and explained his vision of how through his art he tries to send a timeless message

تحت هذه المنحوتة كتب الفنان سامي محمد "الحرية لمن لا صوت له" و اسماها "انا صوت ،، من لا صوت له" يعبر سامي محمد عن طريق منحوتاته المصنوعة من البرونز عن معاناة الإنسان في منطقتنا ليعكس من خلال معدن سيعيش لمئات من السنين تاريخ عالمنا العربي ، و من واقع الكويت و مرارة تجربة الغزو حاججني بشدة عندما اظهرت هدوئي حول ما يسرده لي من اسباب حول تجسيده للمعاناة الإنسانية دونناً عن غيرها من خلال منحوتاته التي تظهر مقداراً كبيراً من الملكة الفنية التي يمكنه تسخيرها لتجسيد ما يريد، فهمت نبل رسالته و بعد نظره 

Sami's work varies between sculptures and paintings, I used to lean towards his sculptures although I liked some of his surreal paintings, however, in this exhibition I fell in LOVE with his paintings more than I thought I would! This is the Red side of his "Sadhoweyat" that comes from the traditional Arabic art of wool weaving called "sadhow" that is made into various materials used by the Bedouins in the Gulf region to make furniture/covers/tents ...etc. He inserted this beautiful traditional art into his work in many amazing ways :}

This is the darker, blue and blak'ish corner of his recent Sadhoweyat

Now this is the sculpture that originally made me LOVE Sami Mohammed its called "Paralysis & Resistance" it made me think how can someone get this brutal scene of a person with a scarf through his eyes and with such a terrible scream to look so .... touching! It made my heart ache just by seeing it, which made me realize how powerful his art is, and there, just like that I fell for his work!

This one I can't type in English :} since its my blog I can type in both languages :p and you have google translation to assist you :>

المنحوته اسمها "الفارس العربي"، فرس رشيق و جميل يمتطيه فارس بلا جسد ولا رأس، لكن ب غطاء رأس عربي (غتره او شماغ لا يهم) سألته عنها و انا احمل بداخلي تفسيرها الذي توافق مع تفسيره، على الرغم من وضوح المنحوته الا اني احببت ان اسمع ما لليدين التي صنعتها من فكر ... أخبرني بان الشكل عربي و فارس وليس له جسد ولا رأس لاننا لم نعد نمتلك تلك الفروسية التي كانت مميزةً لنا من بين الشعوب، و بدلا منها احتفظنا بشكلها بعيداً عن مضمونها

المنحوته: الوصوليون ،، وواقع مرير

اكثر لوحة لفتت اهتمامي :)
This one attracted my attention the most :)

I have attended several art exhibitions, this is the first one that I attend "after the opening" and the artist is present and I have the guts to speak to him :> It was a remarkable conversation that I do not want to share fully since I didn't document it and don't want to write inaccurate information , yet it will remain the most touching one, it came from an artist that I adore and his work relates to my culture FULLY! Also when he spoke about his work I got attached more than ever with his mentality and amazing creativity.... Thank you Sami Mohammad the artist, thank you for this art and a HUGE thank you to Gallery Tilal for hosting such an amazing local artist :}


Nunu-San said...

I'm sure I've seen this "Paralysis & Resistance" sculpture before. But I don't remember when or where!
But I do remember my reaction, it made my heart jump! I got really scared...

And because it made my heart jump proves that Sami Mohammed has a powerful talent.
Such an amazing artist.

Q80-ChillGirl said...


I highly agree, I read this quote somewhere "Art is meant to provoke" :} that I think sums up how Art can change mentalities :}