Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Spoon Bending Seminar

Do you recall this post? So I decided to join the Spoon Bending Seminar, although I NEVER liked such things NOR liked those self improvement books, the how to ones?! I don't know those two subject seemed to be a turn off for me. Yet the idea of bending a spoon was funny and attracting to me and what is life with out trying everything?

That day that I paid Better Books a visit I registered in the Spoon Bending Seminar, to see whats the hype is about, since I found a lot of stuff online that confused me and many around me doubted the spoon bending issue, and some gave me the impression that it could be a trick or something to waste your money on.

I went in a bit late and was happy to know they are familiar with the Kuwaiti time :> it was a cozy 20 something people gathering, very relaxed laid back and friendly! The owner is so simple and honest that she allowed me in based on my word that I paid the cost "forgot to bring the receipt along!" She was interested with the activity more than anything.

So we got our spoons, after a short talk the seminar revolved around making us:


You can see my result down here :>

Actually the bending was quite easy for me its the twisting that I wanted to pull off well, I wanted a swirly spoon or fork! But I got the one in this picture as the best trial to "twist" :p

The big picture is not about bending the spoon, it was about having a "Physical manifestation of connecting with your energy" as Bobby the seminar lecturer said. The ideas storming in my head were enormous! I will try to write some of them :} if they dont make much sense just comment and lets see how I can make them easier:

- Your energy field aka Aura is THERE, use it
- There is more to your mental and physical power, and its right there! You don't have to take the word of anyone on it, concentrate and find it inside
- Fear, other negative feelings we might grasp along our life, stop us from achieving, be daring and just do it

I had fun :} and I have new things to keep in my room :p


Bloggylife said...

Can I break people then ;p

I could've joined, don't know why I didn't ;p

Q80-ChillGirl said...


probably someone "blogged along" or came along gave u a -ve vibe to stop u from joining it ;p and yes my reply is a FULL na'3za LOL

The Grapevine Kuwait said...

That's AMAZINGGGG!!!! I'm curious to try it now :-D

فــــــرنـــــــاس said...


well,,, have a look into this



Q80-ChillGirl said...


I loved the video :D however the seminar approach was not about psychic "mental" power, it was "theoretically" a mix of Aura and field of energy cross strength .. The spoons were new and strong, hence the trick of bending them in advance is not there, and we did it on our own the instructor did not demonstrate as much as let us practice and one more interesting thing.. The kids, who were around 7-9yrs old had bend spoons till they folded them! A thing I could not even come close to, her interpretation was that they had no fear of failure as we did being older and more experienced into life!

Anyone can bend a spoon and its not as easy as what Geller did

as for Popoff, he reminded me of the Qura'an healers spread around our nation :}

Thank you, that was a great addition that I will definatly look further into :>

Smegmalicious said...

What use is Bend it Like Beckham when even Beckham can't bend it like this?!

Smegmalicious said...

What use is Bend it Like Beckham when even Beckham cannot bend it like this?!