Wednesday, 29 December 2010

363 : L O V E

When I got the 1st bracelet with the word "love" on it, my brother asked why of all the bracelets with words you chose love? Thinking that I could relate more to other "cooler" words and phrases :p I answered because, I love love :]

The idea is to go beyond, love people, life, surroundings, feelings, actions, animals, even buildings ,, etc! I see love as a positive energy that we all, should have, so holding the word close to my wrist doesn't mean I lack it or have it, it means that I consider it dear to me, to the extent that I carry it along at all times, with proud.

Whiten your hearts with love, and never let hate or any dark feeling invade it :}


Kuwaitiful said...

So you basically love love itself. To lovingly love loving love.

I see your point there.

Touché said...


Q80-ChillGirl said...

bullseye :>

very :p