Wednesday, 13 October 2004

The video that made me cry

The video that made me cry It's for a new Lebanese singer called


the song is

"7ub Kbeir"

Check it on*up dated* melody channel (click on the clip Number *up dated* 12 at the end of the web page, to view it on the net) it's on all the time on TV. I first saw it Saturday at that time I mostly liked singer's voice & the guy in the video very cute with a very innocent smile, seemed very polite & gentle. The story took my heart too but still didn't take it seriously I was on my way out. Monday when I saw it I really did cry I lived it, the singers voice was touching in the video they acted very well & was very romantic with the small things in it like the pearl!!, the places where they had time together on the beach so simple, romantic and the whole song revolves around seeking pure true love. The reason I was extra touched by this is the lack of that simple yet breathtaking love, people are more materialized here add to that the family thing where you have to check if your families are compatible or not ……… & all of that annoying PURE MATERIAL community we live in forces us to look for.

So this post is for true love where ever it may exist :}.


Purgatory said...

AAAAH how cute :) love, nice feeling isn't it ?

Love is always pure and simple and only takes two. I have not seen the video, but am sure it gives the same message that shows in many other songs, which is love breaks all barriers, and can exist in the strangest place.

You know what I would love :)? being blog of the year, now that would be a LOVELY thing to have :) If you notice too am not negative on your blog, so e7m e7m, maybe you can influence the judges ;)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


As you said its nice but being for real like that is the hard part :}. LOL u never give up do u :D, well i respect that & ur wish might be granted!! who knows :}.

Purgatory said...

Q8CG, ok, am sure your heart will be compasionate and make me blog of the year *3ayar*

Q80-Chill Girl said...

LOL @@ 7ddk 3yar :}.