Sunday, 10 October 2004

Happened today

Things happened today at work, oddly because usually work is dull & very calm typical government administrative work with no public contact.

*On the way to work I wonder… What is it with Kuwaiti drivers and the space between cars?They seem to hate it they don’t keep it and if they see you keep it they cross over you using it! As if there is something irritating in free space between cars. Lately I spoke a lot about the traffic subject & will do more because it's crazy out there.

*In a hall I don't cross usually to go to my office but did today there was an amazing Arabian coffee aroma filling the atmosphere very refreshing, which made me want a cup but then again I looked at the heat reserving cup in my hand for my home made cappuccino & said don’t worry your still my coffee :}.

*The new girl in the departments first day was today, she apparently knew me in college but I don’t & never was much of a social girl always liked a little closed circle of friends & a very strict relation with colleagues the only activity I categorize as being social is participating in the MIS club at KU-CBA, once tried to join the art work shop in my college but didn’t have time for it. ANY how am way out of the subject back to the girl who asks about what is under your figure nail which is a thing I DO NOT LIKE; she was keeping her self busy writing numbers!! At 7:20 am till it got to 8:30 & kept doing that when ever she is free sorry her tongue is free from words!! . I like numbers too & always challenge my mind in mathematical equations all the time, but it felt freaky when she kept hiding the papers in her bag!

*Went out from the office got some news papers from a jm3eya (supermarket) branch close by to at least use some of the free time I have at work to read the news. So back to the new girl I sit at my desk she is right in front of me reaches out & TAKES one of the papers that I just put on the table to read it & after she TOOK it,

she said: Mumken ?!

I wanted to tell her are you asking me to pretend that your polite or your just telling me you will use something that I didn’t give you the permission to use yet you already did use?, but thought like she is new I don’t want to be unfriendly as appose to what I am like & somehow was in shock of her action she seemed polite!! Then I got back to NOT being judgmental :} and not be deceived by looks. So I did a small polite note in front of her luckily if she got it she would spared her self a lecture later by me if the same thing occurs.

*Back to the new girl, I go out from the office for a minute then back to see her reading MY news paper now :} the one I left open!! So I gave her a look & was about to talk & she immediately closed it then

said : tbenha?.

I was like : E ana a9ln knt ga3da agraha !o 5let'ha shwi o kani rdeit. "with a LOOK"

What is wrong with her? I hated that & took a decision to be very strict with her & talk only about work if any other subject is on the table I wont participate with her.

* Was in a meeting Female majority, the main point I got from it is :


at least NOT WITH women like the women I was with today. What happened to talking? Why shouting took its place? Although the majority of them look as if they are strict Islamists didn’t Islam order women to be polite or is it about the external look only? This is regardless of the fact that they should be more politely raised!!!!. The most bad part that ruined it is the departments manager she didn’t moderate the meeting it was every one talking at the same time, me a listener disgusted one of the way this whole thing is done it’s a shame to be called a meeting.

Nedded to vent :}


nibaq said...

Ugh hate meetings like that it gets so annoying. Nothing gets done at all.

I think drivers stick close to the car infront of them to make sure no one cuts in or over takes them while waiting in line and it just kinda stuck.

This new girl sounds like trouble and fun!

Purgatory said...

The manager should be in charge, and be strict. If someone is out of order, she should make fun of her, make sure she is humuiliated, and make sure she keeps on doing that for a period of time, to teach her a lesson.

As for the new girl, I do not like her one bit, I hate her, hate her, hate her :) [sounds chenna I am the one there not you]

Just cheer up and you will be fine, there are always better moments in life :)

yellow brick road said...

Look at it this way;
1. You have this great blog to vent in.
2. Your work life just got spiced up (although it doesn't sound like a tasty spice).


Q80-Chill Girl said...


Well ur right about nothing done issue & u know what? I have been working hard yesterday all day long & today also when I showed my work for guidance to go on "since im still new to this" u know what they told me :)

: No we decided to do it this way skip all u did !!

@@ I was already so angry because a minute ago i was on the phone with a stupid person who thinks im too stupid to comprehence what he is saying & kept repeating one centance to each question I have, & here they say u didnt have to do this !! & i was on the phone infront of them HOW BAD CAN IT GET? beats me :D.

So for the 1st time I gave them a really mean look & was like why didnt u tell me ? why should i bother my self if you did it this way ?, they decided to do something different than what we were supposed to do :} a pointless argue was made & i blocked my mind of it & left back to my chair & will go apply to some more places this weekend.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Nice to be able to understand me EXACTLLY I mean if the manager is not good then every work done is a waste, about the new girl :} it gets better & better she started to investigate about me :D she went even to the extent to ask which highschool i went to !! what is that good in I have no idea BUT ignorance is a gift :}.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


The ever lasting comment'er :} hoping to see your blog one day.

ur right :} & im happy although I might sound depressed & unhappy but I never lose my smile :) I always belive it will get better sometime, sooner or later.