Wednesday, 13 October 2004

Child Abuse

This will probably be one of the most controversial posts I will ever post, which AI tried not to discuss since I want this blog to be quiet & a free of pain space, little nagging is ok but being so damn serious wasn't on mind BUT the "new girl at work" just couldn't stop pushing me to it. A few days ago I commented on MadM2000's child Abuse cartoon, As if this guy predicts :) this is not the first time he says something & it happens ! One way or an other not only me think so take a look at what Zaydoun had to say !!.

The story began with the new girl as a conversation she started with other girls since I decided to block her :} it started about how kids are stubborn these days etc...

So she was like
"I hit my daughter to discipline her since she was 1 year old!".Note she was proud when said that !!

When other girls asked her why do u do so to a very young child? She replied with what??

"She moves a lot around!!". Made it sound like a crime committed by her child @@

At this moment I COLD NOT STAY QUITE, I was like
"its because you are not a mother!!".

She looking at me surprised since I did take the window up on her (Q80 expression رافعه الجام عليها) so

she said: N3M

Me: If you were a mother where is your heart when you beat her? la o you brag about it & claim you fear GOD !! Don't you know this is 7raam to do to a child? I don't blame her if she hates you.

Her (as I expected): Kefi hathi 6reqti blt3aml m3a my baby! This is how I treat her when I can't stand her.

Me *while she was talking was quiet, angry, sad, pitiful of the poor child & just left the office since it will be a stupid conversation & she nor I will be convinced with the others opinion*

Its not a joke nor something to laugh about as she & many others think, that you do it today & then after a few years you laugh about it with your child.

That child will hate you
You prove that you don't deserve to be blessed with a child
You are committing a crime towards YOUR CHILD, which I would not blame if she/he throws You away when you get old & lonely
That child will not be normal all of his/her life

Think about that young parents!. Change starts with a simple touch, start it in your minds for a change.


nibaq said...

I disagree with "new girl" for hitting her daughter for moving around a lot. 1 year olds move around that is what babies do. Though I do believe in discipline for doing something wrong.

If you punish someone without informing them of what they did wrong they are confused and will eventually repeat it.

One example is of my 2 year old cousin, I caught grabbing a cigarette and putting it to her mouth like she was smoking and I very quickly slapped her for it.

This was a quick and fast responce to an action she just commited. I didnt slap her after what she did so she knew exactly what it was for. She cried and said she hated me, and I told her "good and if I see her doing it again I will slap her again".

So far I have not seen her repeating it, and she still gives me hugs and kisses. She knew I did hit her for a certain reason and not beacuse "I couldn't stand her".

Same with my parents, when I was young and they punished me for certain reasons it wasn't because they couldn't stand me, it was because I did something wrong and made sure I knew the reason they were doing it cause of that reason. I still love them and dont plan to throw them out when they get older. Well the main reason for that is cause I know they would beat me so fast for it -p.

Purgatory said...

I noticed big spaces between paragraphs, maybe you need to adjust that.

As for the subject, I already told you what to do with the girl, and will supply you with the needed recipes for getting rid of people. Just annoy her and let others annoy her. Maybe she gets transfered somewhere else.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Why did you slap her? Because we were raised like that with the idea beating would lead to good results! I believe in discipline for sure else why bother to raise? :} It’s the hitting issue am not backing up. I might get to the point to maybe allow a small hit on the hand BUT NEVER touch the face & other body parts "this is my believe", when doing something wrong you can punish a child immediately in many ways e.g. take that cigarette away make ur point clear in a loud lecture, let her stay in her room for the rest of the day alone & make her feel that she lost a lot with this mistake she did. It's not only the issue of a child being confused & hit for something NORMAL it’s the issue of beating that bothers me, you might use a slap a tiny one!! Others BEAT them till they have marks on their body & this woman DOES o admits it. That is way out of line.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Your right about the spacing thing will edit it later :}. Well your plan is no good it takes a more evil me to do it which is not me, but thanks for the advice.

♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

i cant believe that bitch is way to horror :/

Q80-Chill Girl said...

♥ P-Ella ♥

boy you commented on an olllld post :D nice to know there are ppl who shuffle in my archive :D thx

in that regard, i warn you i don't usually publish comments with swearing in them, but stand on the same side with u and im glad i don't know her anymore :D