Thursday, 9 June 2005

[dot]com [dot]net [dot]org

A dear blogger that I miss reading what he has to say is moodless. The site is closed now for a while that I hope will not be too long what ever he is up to I wish him good luck ..

The butter "zbda" of this post is to show a tiny weird coincidence :> that appeared when I substituted [dot]net with [dot]com behind moodless! So I got the following (our Kuwaiti co-blogger)

Now here is the weird part! All the 3 domains above are booked to 2 different people who BOTH decide to fill in a single web page with a picture linked to the e-mail, check it out!


BloBoz said...

Mm ,, Nice E Nice E ..

Purgatory said...

laish you never miss me, laish! lazem I disappear :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Bloooo :}

Awl shai happy B-Day dear :D:D

thani shai hmmm i didnt get it ;p

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Purg :}

You know I would miss you if u were gone for a while, you too are a dear blogger :D & a frequent commentor that I can not skip :>

Misguided said...

Dear Q80-chill girl,

I think its the same guy...


Q80-Chill Girl said...

Misguided :}

Yes they are two having 3 domains

.net = our q80 moodless
.org + .com = the ashgar el 3ngrezi