Friday, 3 June 2005

LR3 !!!

I don't know why the designers in Land Rover came up with "LR3"

Ok the front view is hmmm some what ok but totally expected!, still since am a Range Rover lover I don't really mind it :}

Here it comes: The not-so-pretty part!!

I totally don't like the rear part! & to some extent it reminds me of the Nissan Armada

All in all, I don't like LR3 :(

Don't get me wrong am a fan of Land Rover. Personally am a VOGUE girl :} I wouldn't mind the supercharged too! Still The SE & HSE are great :> but vogue is in an other class "to me"

*Edited, since I thought "UGLY" is a very harsh word :) to be said to any thing!*


Mark said...

I love the LR3, actually I love most cars that have a lot of straight lines..

بومريوم said...

أسوأ سياره بالكويت
حتى تغييير السبير يحتاج مفتاح خاص
مكيف سىء
قطع غيار غير متوفره

أقول و لا بس؟

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Mark this is the part I dont like, I like slick'er designs with not too much straight lines ,, BUT its ur oppinion :D & we have to respect it akeeed :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...


لوول بل بل بل بل كل هذااا @@ هممم ادري و الله كل من يقول ان الرنج متعب و يكسر الظهر و كله بالسيرفس .. بس اقدر هالشي لانه جيب مدلل :] و مو مال كراف .. على الرغم من عذاريبه اموت على الرنج :> بدون منازع بال 4 باي 4