Thursday, 2 June 2005


Am not referring to a certain some one here @@ SO DON'T ANY ONE TAKE THIS PERSONALLY, this is a general idea I have & LIKE very much.

Why can't people send you an e-mail asking for being on your list? & think having your e-mail instantly allows them to add you :) & not use it to actually E-MAIL you to ask for a chat "if needed" ?

Am not saying that they are bad people! NO but am saying that we miss the "excuse me, I want to talk to you if you may allow me to? For the reason [x]" part. We have to ask people politely if we wish to talk to them not just be there then expect them to talk to us freely :> its kinda hard & some how embarrassing.

For me I don't like strangers to pop into my screen! But if that stranger gave me a good introduction & cleared out what they want "the reason they want to chat for" then its cool :} its nice to know people but politeness is a must :}

Then ther comes the "block" part. Now if we chat with some one on MSN or any other mean for IM, we can't expect people to want to talk to us 24/7. Some easilly say "excuse me I dont want/cant talk to you know! others may block you for the same reason but they just don't say it! which is not nice nor polite BUT "understandable" & doesn't invade any ones privacy on the contray it allows some one to be more relaxed! if they don't wish to chat to a certain some one then its their right.

The bad thing comes in not telling if you want to block some one (they do have the right to know! they are the 2nd party in the chat, you know). Although I never blocked any one because I can simply say "I dont want to talk now" I only block if I wish to delete some contact & before that I tell them so, because they do too have the right to know if they ask they surelly have the right to know don't just lie to them! or leave them blank!

المذكور اعلاه قد و قد لا يرتبط بواقعي الشخصي و لكنها ملاحظات عامة :) و اتمنى ان محد يصدر حكم جائر بدون لا يسألني و يفهم كلامي صح مو على ما يشتهيه باله/بالها


Judy Abbott said...

well gurl ... this is cyber world you have ppll online you dont want to talk to them .. then dont ..simple you dont have to say hi and bye or break their hearts with i wont talk to u know .

and about the e-mail thingi how about recieving this e-mail and u can't say no!!
i think its better without notice for ppl like me who cant say no:)

Sapphire said...

Ack! There were times when I had to resort to blocking, but only after telling the second party repeatedly and politely that I was busy/occupied/etc... to no avail. It's the equivelant of putting a tape across someone's mouth ><

Purgatory said...

laish etsweenli block, wo laish ma et7acheeeni, wo laish.. hmm, am not even on your list! :P eee laish I am not on your list :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

nooni :}

Asking for permission is accepting the yes & no :) & doing it "regardless of the reply" is polite. Politness is required in every thing even in a simple cyber chat. Since a person was able to send an email with a good explonation of why they wish to chat even if it was not for me! its up to you "the person asked for premission" then you can say Yes or No :) 3adi its wuite simple

about not talking to ppl i dont want to its done by simply not :) & that is NOT what i spoke about, as I said if i dont wish to talk to ppl i simply tell them, I was talking about who block ppl without telling them. 1st try to say I dont want to talk then if that doesnt work then block! not before you ask :) & even IF your a moody person & say in any day u dont wish to talk to ppl STILL you are free to block. Its not about breacking hearts more than respecting ppl & treating them seriouslly & not just ignore them since that can breack a heart too

Q80-Chill Girl said...


That is what am saying :) you first express your self/wish then act the way you like SINCE you are not invading any one's privacy NOR being rude

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Purg :}

LOL @!@ la wallah ,, y3ni kelsh you never chatted with me in MSN LOL @@

Purgatory said...

ana! metta :(

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Purg :}

LOL yal 3yaar!

Purgatory said...